CAP COM Launches Community Heroes Mortgage Program

From the desk of Kate Fruscione, Public Relations Strategist at CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

CAP COM Federal Credit Union introduced a new Community Heroes Mortgage Program in July. The program is a way for CAP COM to say “thank you”  to people who dedicate their lives to others’ well-being. Program participants receive cash and discount benefits when obtaining a mortgage through CAP COM’s mortgage division, Homeowners Advantage. Benefits are valued at more than $1,000.

Professionals and staff who work in the following fields are eligible to participate in the Community Heroes program:

  • Fire and Rescue (paid, volunteer)
  • Law Enforcement
  • Healthcare
  • S. Military (active-duty, reserves, veterans)
  • Education

Community Heroes incentives include a $500 cash deposit (post-closing), complimentary personal real estate attorney representation (estimated value: $500), and a discounted home inspector’s fee (participating provider). A Community Hero Advocate Team manages the home buyer’s mortgage needs.

“Giving back to the local community is one of the core principles of our credit union and the CAP COM Cares Foundation,” noted CAP COM Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer Chris McKenna. “That is why the lending team is excited about bringing the Community Heroes Mortgage Program to life. The work these local heroes perform every day often goes unnoticed. This program is CAP COM’s small way of acknowledging these cornerstones of our community.”

CAP COM’s efforts to make buying a home easy and affordable are continuous. For example, it recently debuted a no down-payment mortgage product to assist homebuyers with good credit who are low on cash.

For more information or to apply, visit:


‘It’s Never Too Late’ to Become a Bolder, Braver Version of Yourself, Says This C-Suite Executive — Here Is Her Strategy.

Entrepreneur’s “Inspire Me” series highlights notable entrepreneurs and their stories of the good times and bad and how they overcame challenges in hopes of inspiring others. This week, meet Stacey Bernhard, COO of Shoprunner.

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Your Life is Calling You to Listen

From the desk of Robbin Jorgensen – WBC Guest Speaker

ignite your change

Do you hear that?


Can you hear your inner voice begging you to slow down, relax, and take better care of yourself?

Do you hear it? It’s telling you that you can’t keep up this pace; you’re on the brink, and it never seems to end.

Let me guess. You hear it, but you dismiss it and keep going at warp speed, right?

After all, work, family, and your community have dumped a lot of expectations on you.

You’re convinced there is NO way you can slow down.

Seriously, you have that big project that’s due this week (and no room on your calendar to squeeze it in); you’re only halfway to meeting your monthly quota; one of your employees called out sick (again!), and oh yeah, you just remembered your promise to serve on a new committee last week… OMG!

You’re having what women my age call a “Calgon moment!”

Or is it?

What if we reframed those thoughts? What if you are instead having a “Listen to Your Life” moment?

Anytime you feel over-stressed, under-valued, and ready to crack, that’s the best time to pause and listen.

You want more out of your life. More free time. More space. More joy. How do I know? You are still reading this article, aren’t you? That speaks volumes.

Truth be told, you want to listen to your life; the problem is you don’t know how.

“And every day the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, ‘This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!’ And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, ‘No, THIS is what’s important!'” – Iain Thomas

How does a woman with your responsibilities, obligations and duties to others learn to listen to her life?

First, you must become conscious of your choices and actions, rather than simply going through the motions day after day.

Hoping things will change but never doing anything to make them different is a sure recipe for maintaining the status quo.

To consciously live your life means you must pay attention when your inner voice of wisdom shows up.

Keep a small notepad with you at all times and start jotting down these golden “wisdom nuggets.” Take just a few minutes at the end of the day to read what you wrote. At the end of a week, re-read all seven days. What themes do you see?  What shows up again and again?

Second, you must take action.

Now that you see your wisdom nuggets on paper, what will you do with these incredible insights?

You’re probably thinking, “Man, these are huge undertakings; where do I start?”

No, you can’t fix everything at once, but you CAN take deliberate action on one of those “wisdom nuggets.” Just one. Come up with two or three actions you can take to move you toward a solution. Then, take action!

This is often the hardest step. It will require you to take a stand for the life you truly want to live.

I’m going to let you in on a secret … you actually have a right and responsibility to live the life YOU want.   

Give yourself permission. Tap into that inner power and declare HOW you want to live your life.

“All of our small anxieties and trivial preoccupations evaporate with the sudden recognition of what really matters.” – Arianna Huffington  

How well are you honoring what really matters to you? 

Third, you must develop a morning ritual.

I know, I know. You’ve heard this a thousand times and you don’t have time for that, but stay with me here. One of the key habits of highly effective leaders is committing to reflection time, affirmation time, or meditation time in the morning.

Studies show that just spending 20 minutes each morning engaging in some type of mindful exercise increases your productivity significantly throughout the day. You’ll have to trust me on this.

Making time for quiet reflection makes such a HUGE difference in how you approach your day and how you FEEL throughout the day.

How do I know this works? Because I once used these same steps to move from a corporate job I tolerated to a dream career I adore.

Tweet: To consciously live your life means you must pay attention when your inner voice of wisdom shows up.

Start right now by paying attention to the signs and then taking action.  You’ll be glad you did

Robbin Jorgensen is the Founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change®, a global purpose-driven organization geared toward unleashing the contribution of women around the world. She is a highly successful businesswoman with 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing, training and business development.  A sought-after speaker and women’s leadership strategist, she is the U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda’s AVEGA Agahozo and is on the Board of Advisors of the Center for Leadership & Service for the University at Albany.  Her company supports forward-thinking organizations committed to fully leveraging the strategic potential of their women leaders.  They are trusted by major organizations including Microsoft, Bank of America, Deloitte, General Electric, Oracle, S&P Global and Cisco. Women Igniting Change® reaches women in 46 countries around the world.

5 Things to Get Your Business Ready for 2019

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, President of Put Another Way

Oh c’mon, really? Are we going to talk about 2019 already?

Yes, yes, we are, and it is coming faster than you think. In managing salespeople in a previous life, the rule was your sales efforts should be in place and closed by the 4th of July to realize the revenue in the same year. Otherwise, some revenue would be booked for the current year and the remaining revenue starts your next year with a healthy boost. (no wrong answer here)

That being said, here are 5 things to get you in the frame of mind for 2019:

  1. Review YTD expenses. Are you on target sitting here in the 3rd quarter or do you need to take a look and adjust? Bring a cup of coffee to your accountant and chat.
  2. How are sales? No, really. Look closely. Do you have a healthy pipeline for new business? Are you taking care of your base accounts and keeping them happy and committed to you and your organization? Farming is just as important and hunting.
  3. Look at your sales tools and materials. Does your website need a little help and a fresh look? How about materials and give-a-ways? If you have extra budget money, you could spend that now or account for spending it in the 4th
  4. Update your employee handbook. Times are changing, and you need to be sure you have clearly defined policies and procedures from paid time off (PTO) to social media practices.
  5. On a lighter note, are you planning a holiday party or event internally and/or for clients? Do you send out holiday branded gifts or cards and baskets? Many companies give significant discounts if you order before October. Check it out.

See? Did I tell you or what? Plan now and save yourself the grief when year-end is busy, and your hair is on fire.



Women Entrepreneurs: Get Certified As A Woman-Owned Business

Did you know that getting certified as a woman-owned business can potentially help land women entrepreneurs more business opportunities and government contracts?

Forbes is giving you the rundown on the qualifications, the process and ultimately the benefits of being a women-owned business.

Read the article here.

The Capital Region Chamber has resources to help guide you through becoming a Woman Owned Business Enterprise. For your business to qualify as a WBE, it must be at least 51 percent owned and controlled by a woman. For certification assistance, email Director of Entrepreneurship, Janet Tanguay.

The Annual Membertini Event- Sept. 26


This event is open to all who are interested in learning more about the WBC.  Non-members are welcome to come to this great networking event!

Want to connect with members of the Women’s Business
Council (WBC), learn about committee work and discover
how you can get involved in this impactful, regional network
all while exploring the newest, award-winning spa in
Albany? Join us at the 2018 Membertini at Spa Mirbeau in
Crossgates Mall to find out more while supporting the WBC’s
2018 Adopted Nonprofit, YWCA of the Greater Capital
Region. *

This year’s Memebertini includes:

  • Complimentary hors-d’oeuvres
  • Cash bar
  • Raffle prizes

*For HR Professionals and Organization Leaders*

Are you looking for ways to introduce the Women’s Business Council to your organization as a partner for professional development or to supporting your corporate/organizational women’s networks? 

Join us from 5:00 – 5:30pm before the event kicks off for a brief
discussion of how the WBC can help your organization meet
its professional development goals.

The Membertini takes place on Wednesday, September 26th, from 5:30 – 8:00pm. Please register by Friday, September 21st – space is limited!

Sign up here.

Presenting Sponsor is CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

*All net proceeds from registration support our adopted
nonprofit, YWCA of the Greater Capital Region.