Sujata Chaudhry – Woman of Excellence, Excellence in the Professions

Women of Excellence
Sujata Chaudhry is a Woman of Excellence (Cindy Schultz for the Times Union).

What is one thing that has inspired you in life that you think might have led you to be named a Women of Excellence?

“Reflecting on the question, I realize there isn’t one thing that has inspired me in life but many experiences that have shaped my passion for my work advancing Diversity and Inclusion within organizations, creating cohesive teams and promoting greater employee engagement.  Born in India, migrating to England then multiple locations in the United States, and growing up as one of three Indian children in rural Pennsylvania began the journey.  As a child of first-generation Indian parents of very humble means struggling to provide for their daughters, I strived to find an identity and a sense of belonging.  This challenge continued in my professional life as I found myself as one of the few ethnic women in my corporate positions.  My personal and professional experiences fueled my drive to want to assist others in similar situations by helping local and national organizations prepare for the challenges of incorporating diverse teams to work together in a collaborative, safe and rewarding environment. My passion and determination are what paved my way to starting Tangible Development, a diversity and inclusion consulting and training company. Tangible Development, my team, and all those that have supported, mentored, and believed in me have been my vehicle for positive change.  The journey and the people have led me to be named Woman of Excellence.”

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Kudos to the women elected in 2018


Seats won:

House = 107

Senate = 14  

Governor = 9

235 women won their party’s primary and over 100 went on to win seats.

There was a 44% increase in female Congressional candidates and a 75% increase in women of color candidates for Congress (since 2012).

There were many firsts including two Native American women elected, two Muslim women elected, the first openly bisexual woman US Senator, the youngest woman to be elected and the first woman to represent her state, Tenessee, in Congress. 

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Women of Excellence 2017: Kathleen Pingelski Recipient of Excellence in Business Award Shares her Wisdom About Resilience in the Workplace

I had an opportunity to gain some valuable insight from Kathleen Pingelski, this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Business Award, Women of Excellence. I am pleased to share it with our readers. kathleeen.jpg

“I think to achieve resiliency it’s important to stay positive in all situations, even when facing challenges. I encourage others to build healthy habits into their lifestyle, such as  meditation and exercise, to practice being present and to disconnect from technology on a regular basis.  Have laser focus on the goal or outcome you want to achieve and keep making forward progress.”

Kathleen Pingelski, President
MicroKnowledge, Inc. Computer Training and Consulting
ProKnowledge, LLC – Professional Development Training and Consulting


2017 Women of Excellence in Business Development Honoree Retires.

Just before she moved to Florida, I spoke with Suzann Smart, Executive Director, The Foundation for Ellis Medicine and the honoree for Excellence in Business Development for the Women of Excellence Awards 2017.
I asked her to give our members a few words of parting wisdom.
“If you want to remain excited and engaged with your work, try to learn something new every day.  Whether it’s about your field, a new way to be more effective using technology, something from a colleague or an article you read.  The changes happening around us are amazing. It can be energizing, but you have to remain engaged every day in learning and welcoming new ways of doing the profession you have chosen.
And it’s important to remember, if you don’t like your work, your boss, your employer, find another job. There are lots of exciting opportunities out there.
As for work habits:
Show Up.
Don’t keep people waiting.
Keep smiling.
Make your boss look good.
Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Answer emails and return phone calls.
Laugh and share the joy.
I want to thank the Chamber and my wonderful colleagues for this recognition. It has been a tremendous honor and I am grateful for the privilege of being named a Woman of Excellence.”
To see the five other honorees discuss what inspires them, come to the Women of Excellence Unplugged, hosted by Benita Zahn of NewsChannel 13, on September 19, sign up here.