Conde Nast to launch Vogue Business for fashion industry execs

Photo: Courtesy of ""Vogue Business." After years of issues of low magazine circulation, the fashion industry reinventing ways to talk fashion to the modern masses.

Yesterday, Conde Nast International launched Vogue Business, a fashion industry title that is aimed at professionals. Vogue Business will start as a newsletter, rather than a website, aiming for a niche audience over having broad reach.

Read more on what Vogue Business entails here.


What I have learned in two weeks: Tech Valley Young Professionals Network

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner, Put Another Way, LLC


It has been just about two weeks since our kickoff meeting of the Tech Valley Young Professionals Network (YPN). This is a dynamic group of mentors matched with mentees looking to learn from each other and grow as individuals and professional people.

Allyson is my mentee. She is a dynamic and intelligent young woman. I love her energy and outlook. We have met for coffee a few times and have collaborated on our list of things we want to do and learn from each other. I find the conversations so easy and from the mentor standpoint, I smile at the recognition of skills and life lessons I have learned in my 30 years of professional experience.

While at that initial kick-off breakfast, our table of 8 became a group in and of itself. We are meeting March 1st to see how we are all doing and check in on what we have learned so far. Our horizons are getting clearer and broader.

Here is a quick snapshot of the past two weeks:

  • I am reading the book Curious by Ian Leslie. The author speaks of challenging your curiosity and the role curiosity plays as a mental muscle!
  • Podcasts: Who knew there are so many options to view and listen to. I am actually inspired to start my own! Thanks Allyson!
  • Allyson and I spoke about effectively communicating in the workplace with all types of people at all levels in the organization.
  • Goals: We both have goals personally and professionally and we talked about setting goals and making them a reality. She is awesome!
  • Training and professional growth. What are our options, and can we do something together?

If you have ever been inspired to work with others and share your knowledge of both wins and losses, try the Tech Valley Young Professionals Network(YPN).  You will be a better person and perhaps share your ideas and visions with someone and make a difference. It is time well spent!

YPN, a workforce development initiative, helps connect, develop, and empower young professionals in New York’s Capital Region. It offers professional development, networking, and civic engagement opportunities to ensure a strong talent pipeline in Tech Valley.

If you are a young professional looking to get involved in our community and develop yourself professionally, e-mail Brandi Landy or call 518.431.1414 to get involved in YPN!

New Board Members Announced for the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York

Catharine Potvin, of Slingerlands, is the Owner and President of Stragility, LLC. Catharine brings strong entrepreneurship and strategy development to the group. She will be of great assistance to their annual Golf Tournament as she plans to recruit more golfers to the event, including a team of female golfers. Melissa D’Andrea, of Saratoga, is a Sales and Account Executive with Currier, McCabe & Associates, Inc. Melissa brings sound interpersonal skills to the board, along with fundraising experience. The annual Walk to End Epilepsy will benefit greatly from her passionate drive. Both women are well-developed professionals and will assist the Foundation honorably.

The Epilepsy Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors. Members have a variety of professional backgrounds. If you are interested in sharing your time and talents to further the mission of our organization, please complete a Board of Directors Membership Application and forward it with a copy of your resume to:

Jeannine Garab, Executive Director, Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York, 3 Washington Square, Albany, NY 12205 or you may forward it electronically to:

Board members are required to become members of the Foundation, attend regularly scheduled board meetings, support fundraising events and serve on 1-2 committees.

“Why it is so important for a leader to continuously grow new capabilities” With Charlotte Mary Brown

As the old saying goes, “you never really stop learning.”

Thrive Global recently sat down with Charlotte Mary Brown, CEO and President of VSNRY; a millennial management consultancy, to discuss how she is always developing her own strengths and capabilities, personally and professionally, so she can be a more effective leader and businesswoman.

Read the article here.

5 Things: Be Curious!

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner, Put Another Way, LLC

This morning I attended the first meeting of the Tech Valley Young Professionals Network. (More to come on this super-group!) This was the kickoff for the Mentorship Program. The speaker, Robin Perry, Vice President Learning & Development at Bishop House spoke to an underlying theme of curiosity. As I sat there with my mentee, my mind began to race, and I thought let’s discuss 5 things/reasons for curiosity:

  1. It allows us to be exposed to perhaps a weakness or lack of knowledge without judgment. Asking someone a question is never wrong. It is a win-win for the expert giving the answer and to the questioner learning from the response.
  2. Curiosity killed the cat? I don’t believe that! I think that cat had other issues. Curiosity is good. Repeat it a few times, ”Curiosity is good.” It gets easier.
  3. Curiosity allows you to learn. The book, Curious: The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It, by Ian Leslie, speaks to the question of curiosity. I don’t want to be a spoiler so check it out. It’s a good read.
  4. As someone who is asked a lot of questions on a daily basis, I respect curiosity. Long since the days when my young children asked me 1000 times ‘Mom, why is….” Now I get to flex my life muscles as the questions become more complex, like, “Mom, how do I make lasagna?”
  5. Please don’t judge, squelch, or discourage curiosity. I hope my young mentee Allyson asks me 1000 questions and I can ask her 1000 back. Hey, she already shared her favorite Podcasts with me. I learned something new today.

Be curious. I know the internet allows us 24/7/365 answers to our most burning questions but let’s not totally remove the human factor. Meet someone for coffee, join a book club or fitness group and let’s spread our wings and open our minds a little.

And if this sparked your curiosity, check out Tech Valley Young Professionals and get involved!


If you have not signed up for the January 29th event, Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace, sign up here.  There is a great line-up of speakers.

For more information:


CAP COM President and CEO, Paula Stopera, Announces Retirement

From the desk of Kate Fruscione, Public Relations Strategist at CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

paula retirement announcement

CAP COM Federal Credit Union has announced today that Paula Stopera, the credit union’s President and CEO, will retire in late May 2019. Christopher McKenna, CAP COM’s Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer of its mortgage subsidiary, Homeowners Advantage, will take the reins as the organization’s new President and CEO.

Stopera began her career at CAP COM in 1980 as a Member Relationship Officer. She has held the role of President and CEO for the past 15 years. Paula also holds the position of Treasurer on the CAP COM FCU Board of Directors, and serves on the Board of Managers of The CAP COM Group, a set of subsidiaries of CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

When Paula joined CAP COM 39 years ago, there was one branch and nine employees. Now, the local credit union has 11 Capital Region branches and employs just under 400 people.

Since becoming President and CEO in 2004, Stopera has overseen more than $1.5 billion in growth. During her tenure, she increased the number of people CAP COM serves to more than 140,000 members.

One of Paula’s greatest achievements was establishing the CAP COM Cares Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, in 2003. The Foundation gives back to the community by supporting health and wellness programs; financial literacy and education initiatives; and causes that help underprivileged families. Since its inception, the Foundation has donated nearly $4 million and 30,000+ volunteer hours to make a difference for thousands of Capital Region individuals and families. This is accomplished through the generosity of Paula, staff, volunteers, and members of CAP COM Federal Credit Union. The Foundation partners with more than 100 local organizations to help address community needs throughout the year. Stopera set the groundwork for the Foundation’s development; because of her relationships with so many organizations, the CAP COM Cares Foundation will continue to grow.

Under her leadership, CAP COM has been honored with The Albany Business Review’s Best Places to Work award for 15 years running, the Times Union’s Top Workplace award for seven years since its launch in 2012, and has been voted both a finalist and winner of Best Credit Union and Best in Customer Service by Capital Region Living Magazine many times over the years. CAP COM has also been acknowledged for being one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Capital Region by the Albany Business Review’s annual list – eight times since 2006.

Paula leaves behind a legacy in financial services and philanthropy in the Capital Region community. Stopera most recently served as 2018 Chair for the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce. In October 2017, she began her term serving on the Advisory Council to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She is a past recipient of the Chamber’s Women of Excellence Awards, as well as the 2011 recipient of their Arthur Kapner Spirit Award. Paula is also a past recipient of The “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award – Corporation” from Girls, Inc., as well as the Hudson Valley Community College Otto V. Guenther Career Achievement Award.  Paula has been awarded the YMCA’s President’s award, as well as the Mary E. Brizell Building a Senior Community Colonie Spirit Award from the Colonie Senior Services Center. In addition, she was selected as Professional of the Year in 2008 by the New York Credit Union Association.

“So much has changed in the world since I was hired as a CAP COM employee 39 years ago,” said Stopera. “Leading the credit union as President and CEO since 2004, through times of immense change, has been demanding, sometimes daunting, and thrilling. This has been the career of a lifetime. The CAP COM Cares Foundation will continue to be a focus of mine in the future. Forming the Foundation has been a personal highlight.”

Stopera will be succeeded by Christopher McKenna, who currently serves as Executive Vice President, and has been with the credit union for nearly a decade. Since 1990, McKenna has been active in the financial services and mortgage industry. He was hired for a leadership position at CAP COM in 2010. McKenna has served on the executive leadership team with Paula for the past eight years. Chris’s advocacy for members and unrelenting focus on service excellence make him a superb fit for the top leadership post.

“I am honored to represent our members as the next CEO. The organization has a deep foundation of providing superior service, and the entire staff shares this goal.” stated McKenna. “We will focus on continuing to provide members with one-on-one guidance and support in the moments that matter the most. Meanwhile, we will invest in technology to make it easier for members to save money, afford major purchases, protect their assets and family, and make plans for the future. Technology is also a great way to organize our community outreach efforts.”  

For those seeking a tangible way to honor Paula, donations can be made in her name to the CAP COM Cares Foundation at

Kick Off the New Year with the WBC

Have you heard the panelists speak before?  This group of women is engaging and you don’t want to miss this event: Successfully Managing Change in the Workplace


Gif: Reddit
  • Chelly Hegan, CEO/President, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood
  • Kathleen Jimino, former Rensselaer County Executive
  • Jennifer MacPhee, Market President, Bank of America
  • Alicia Ouellette, Dean & President of Albany Law School

The panel will be moderated by Ann Hughes, Director of Development, School of Public Health, UAlbany.

Sign up here for the event.  All genders welcome.

January 29th- 11:30-1:00                                                                                                            Albany Marriott Hotel
189 Wolf Road Albany, NY

For more information:


epilepsy foundation

Throughout 2019, the WBC will raise money for its adopted nonprofit, Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York. The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives. Epilepsy can affect anyone with a brain, and anyone with a brain can affect epilepsy. The Epilepsy Foundation exists to #EndEpilepsy.