CAP COM Cares Foundation Launches Individual Giving Campaign

From the desk of Amanda Goyer

The CAP COM Cares Foundation, the charitable giving arm of CAP COM Federal Credit Union, has launched its Patron of the Foundation Program. The program enables individual donors to give monthly or annually through an automated donation platform, while receiving public recognition for their generosity.

The Patron of the Foundation will allow the CAP COM Cares Foundation, which has donated more than $3.2 million to the local community since 2003, to establish a recurring fundraising stream, enabling deeper community giving. It will also create meaningful experiences for donors through volunteer opportunities and community partnerships.

“We have dedicated our mission to providing unique and unforgettable experiences for both Foundation recipients and benefactors,” said Amanda Goyer, CAP COM Community Relations Manager. “The Patron of the Foundation expands on this mission, and lets donors experience their positive impact firsthand.”

The Patron of the Foundation is open to anyone who wishes to support its ongoing efforts in the Capital Region community. Monthly giving starts as low as $10 and can provide up to 12 local, underprivileged children backpacks and school supplies.

To learn more visit:

Reunite Flights

CapComImageWBCPostOctDo you, or does someone you know, miss a loved one currently serving our country? Cap Com Federal Credit Union’s Reunite Flights program provides two active duty military personnel free, round-trip airfare to come home in 2017 or 2018. Nominations will be accepted through October 31, 2017. Winners will be chosen and announced on Veterans Day!

Caring Person

One way to help your child become a more caring person is to introduce the practice of doing Random Acts of Kindness for other people. Even the smallest act of kindness such as holding the door open for someone, complimenting a friend or talking to someone new at school can create a domino effect and improve the day of dozens of people!

good_deedNeed Inspiration? Here are some ideas to do with your family:

  • Start a Piggy Bank for a cause important to your child
  • Donate used books to a library
  • Donate food to your local food pantry
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or local park
  • Write a thank you note to a favorite teacher or bus driver
  • Thank a police officer for their service
  • Donate outgrown clothes or gently used toys
  • Pay for the drive-thru order behind you

4 Best Things to Do With Your Tax Return

by Claudia Esguerra, CAP COM Federal Credit Union

For many of us who have recently graduated school (hooray for student loans) or are still in school (enjoy that deferment), tax season can be a happy time financially. Many people will get a substantial tax refund from the IRS. And more will squander that money before it has a chance to make it through one statement. Now I’m not saying stick it all under your mattress, but here are some ways to spend it responsibly and feel good about it.

1. Let it grow

Consider putting all of that money or part of it into a high-yield savings account. Instead of just holding on to it, why not let it grow while it’s sitting in your savings? Talk to us about the right fit for your financial situation.

2. Invest

If you’ve been waiting on an injection of extra cash to take the first step, consider this your investment window. Finding the right investment opportunity for you and your financial outlook is much easier to do if you’ve got the cash on hand. We can give you advice for starting your portfolio.

3. Pay it off

This one ties in closely to suggestion No. 1. If you’ve got a credit card or loan accruing more interest monthly than you would gain in a CD or similar account, consider paying that off. Take a look at your obligations, maybe one of them can be knocked out all at once with a portion of that tax refund. You’ll stop paying just to have that loan every month and will gain peace of mind.

4. Treat yo’ self

Seriously. While I don’t suggest you spend ALL of your extra money on a new wardrobe, you should spend some of it on yourself. You work hard on your budget, and (hopefully) by this point, have figured out a financially responsible way to spend a good chunk of that refund money. You’ll avoid budget burnout, and let’s face it, enjoy yourself.

Happy tax-refund season! Spend responsibly.

CAP COM’s Holiday Tips

From the Desk of Amanda Goyer
Foundation & Public Relations Administrator

As we all race through these days of holiday preparation and celebration, I know that your own needs are the last thing on your mind. Taking care of others (and everything else) is what we ladies do.

So, I’m not even going to try and tell you to take some time out to relax during this crazy time. Keep pressing through! You are almost to the finish line.

However, when you finally do put up your feet, indulge in something sweet and make your New Year’s resolutions, add one to your list. Along with that renewed focus on your physical health, consider taking the time to evaluate your financial wellness, too.

  • Reflect on what worked last year and also what did not. What broke your bank and, also, what worked well? Understanding where your money went over the last year can help you budget more accurately for the year ahead.
  • Make a plan, even if you generally fly by the seat of your pants. What changes do you want to make in the coming year when it comes to your wallet? If there is a special purchase you want to make or a trip you’d like to take, know what it will cost and break it into smaller savings increments that make sense.
  • Evaluate your expenses for your house, and life. What do you really need to be happy? If you are over committed, think about taking a step back. If you are spending money on television channels you don’t watch, stop.
  • Make a dent in your debt. This may feel like the most overwhelming thing on your list. But, like anything that feels overwhelming, just take it one step at a time. Making at least the minimum payment on your loans and credit cards is what keeps you out of trouble when it comes to your credit. To pay it off faster, you have to hit it a little harder, but you don’t have to tackle it all at once. Choose one debt you can comfortably increase your payment on. Once it’s gone, you can add what you were paying on it to the minimum you’ve been paying another debt. Slow and steady wins the race.

There is a lot you can do to boost your financial health in the year ahead. But don’t forget to check in with a professional. Ask someone at your financial institution for a financial checkup. They can look at the big picture to determine if there are other ways to help you save. Maybe you aren’t getting the best rate on your loan or credit card. Maybe consolidating your debt will help you pay it off even faster.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

What I “C” in the WBC

From the Desk of Amanda Goyer, Foundation & Public Relations Administrator
CAP COM Federal Credit Union

As a mom and a woman in business, I know how hard it can be to find the right work-life balance. The Women’s Business Council is an affiliation with which I find value on both personal and professional levels. Here’s what I “C” as the valuable reasons to join this group of amazing women.

Connections: Most women find the connections formed at a Women’s Business Council event to be both professionally and personally uplifting. Networking is a key asset of each of our nine programs throughout the year. The council’s main objective is to get you connected with the right people to help you reach your goals.

WB“C” Moment: “To be in the room and have the opportunity to meet the amazingly supportive business women from the Capital Region. I have been attending regularly for the past three years and have built a support group that I can call on at any time for assistance, advice or fun,” said Jacqueline Sheffer, Financial Advisor at The Wagner Sheffer Group.

Content: The WBC provides educational information about hot topics in the business world. Programs members found memorable included C-Secrets from the C-Suite, where powerful women unveiled their trade secrets and the Women of Excellence event, honoring women in our Capital Region who are paving the way for business leaders of tomorrow. The WBC aims to inspire, empower and reinvigorate women (and men, too) so we can continue to climb the ladder together.Men are welcome to join us; we are all inclusive and hope to provide insight into how women in business think, relate and prosper, so we can work together to make a bigger impact.

WB“C” Moment: “I find the WBC programs and speakers are always relevant, interesting and inspiring.  Never do I leave a program without a take-away.  It might be an idea I want to implement in my personal or professional life, discovering the next must-read book for women or simply feeling connected to a room full of amazing and accomplished women,” said Nikki Caruso, MSW, Executive Director at the Colonie Youth Center, Inc.

Community: Perhaps the cherry on top of the WBC experience, is the annual adoption of a community organization to support. Whether it’s raising funds at our programs or digging in the dirt on the weekends, WBC members support the mission of the adopted nonprofit to bring awareness, funding support and volunteer efforts to life for these amazing pillars of inspiration and goodwill in our community.

WB“C” Moment: “Knowing that the WBC enables us to make it easy to support nonprofits in our community is an added benefit to being in attendance at these programs throughout the year,” said Diana VanAmerongen, Chief Banking Officer, CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

I hope you will come and be a part of this powerful circle of women – “C” what the WBC is all about! Stop by our next program, Women of Excellence Unplugged, on September 20 and join us at our upcoming Membertini this October where new members will mix and mingle (we will leave the “Tini” part up to you)! To learn more about the WBC or register for an upcoming event I encourage you to visit the Capital Region Chamber website.

Hope to “C” you soon!

C-Secrets from CAP COM’s C-Level Unveiled

CAP COM’s C-Level is driven by a powerful female leader who believes in 23 key priorities that drive both personal and professional success. These are called “Paula’s Principles” written by our President/CEO Paula A. Stopera. These principles are the foundation for CAP COM’s leading workplace culture and best-in-class customer service that is driven from the top down. I’ve gotten Paula’s approval to share these principles to inspire and empower more business women (and men) to drive change and take control of their goals and aspirations both personally and professionally.

This is a perfect opportunity to reiterate and add to what was brought to the table during the WBC’s April program “C-Secrets from the C-Level” led by a powerful and influential group of women who paved their own pathways to success and shared tips they learned on their journeys. The more we share, collaborate and build each other up, the better we will serve our families, businesses, communities and selves.

Paula’s Principles for Personal and Professional Success:

  1. Family comes first!
  2. Have a sense of humor.
  3. Balance your life.
  4. Is it life threatening? If yes, then commit as if nothing else matters. If not, don’t’ make it bigger than it is.
  5. Don’t fuel drama-and don’t be a martyr.
  6. Deliver plus one!
  7. Never make it about you. There are no egos in leadership positions.
  8. Communication matters.
  9. Be organized and control your time.
  10. Be able to prioritize and let go when it’s appropriate. You cannot control everything.
  11. Do your own dirty work.
  12. Tell the truth!
  13. Find the best in people-not the worst.
  14. Surround yourself with differences not comfort.
  15. Have fun.
  16. Be careful of negative energy.
  17. Lose the defensiveness.
  18. Get away from here and relearn.
  19. Have a friend.
  20. Never let them see you sweat.
  21. Set high standards for performance.
  22. Inspire and believe.
  23. And remember…it’s up to you!

2012 Paula Stopera

CAP COM Federal Credit Union Supports the Women’s Business Council

CapcomimageCAP COM Federal Credit Union is proud to be a part of the Capital Region Chamber’s WBC family. CAP COM is a member-owned financial institution based in the Capital Region with a focus on superior service, convenient products and competitive rates. Offering all the financial products and services you’ll need, CAP COM can help you save money and make your life just a little easier. Visit to find out more!