One thing you haven’t done in a while but have started to do since COVID.

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner Put Another Way

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As the Capital Region enters Phase Two of the reopening plan, we look ahead to returning to our offices, our events, meetings, and social gatherings. The self-quarantine and isolation mandates coupled with social distancing have provided us with time on our hands…. sometimes time well spent.

During a recent WBC Engagement Committee meeting the topic of discussion turned to remote living and working. Social distancing and society’s pause has been a blessing and a curse all at the same time. As the discussion deepened, we all began to share things that we have begun to do that we haven’t done in years. Here are some of the things we learned about each other that morning:

Laurie: I wanted to share with you that I have started coloring again! I was given a very large box of crayons a couple of years ago along with some cool coloring books and they sat on my bookshelf. I took them out one night and found its great anxiety reliever! I loved coloring as a kid and realized I still love as an adult.

Kimmy: As the weather gets nicer and we are still staying home for the most part, I’m getting more and more into running. I like to go on different routes for each run so I can explore and see new things around town. It feels like a little adventure every time!

Leslie: “I started running for the first time in a decade to keep my mind in a good place and I walk two miles every day with my 18-year-old HS senior which I would not have done if we had not been at home. I think that time is precious, and I am thankful for it.” 

Emily: I have been going for bike rides and riding through state parks looking for turtles, frogs, and other types of wildlife, which I haven’t done in about 10 years!

Susan: I purchased a bike and helmet…so fun!  I have not been on a bike since I was a kid!

Kate: I’ve been a huge fan of walking/jogging and so far, I’ve been averaging 5 miles a day for the last 2.5 months. I mostly walk through my neighborhood, but sometimes I mix it up and go somewhere like The Crossings and Lake George. It’s nice to get the fresh air and sun after sitting at my home desk 9-5 plus it gives some normalcy back.

Marna: I have enjoyed bike rides with my family, amazing games of Uno, and cooking and preparing what feels like 1000+ meals! 😊

Joslyn: I would say for me, being home has taught me better self-care and allowed me to slow down. It’s oftentimes hard when burning the candle at both ends. Being home has allowed me to catch up on things and focus on myself for a while.

Karen: I cannot believe it, but I am actually enjoying Vinyasa Yoga and Barre. The classes are a wonderful compliment to my usual outdoor cardio walking and running.

Kathy: Since spending so much more time at home I have had the opportunity to uncover my sewing table and get creative! It’s been a long time since I took the time to work on sewing projects.  

We welcome you all to find something that makes your heart soar, your face reflects a full-on smile, and your body to just feel good. We look forward to being together again soon, in person, and sharing the wonderful things we have learned about ourselves and each other.

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