Positive Steps to Building Your Team COVID-19 Crisis Communication Connection Plan of Action

From the desk of Sharon A. Burstein, President and CEO, Sharon Burstein International

People respond to crisis situations in a variety of ways. How you respond
to situations is how you recover. When you look at a glass of water do you think of it as half full or do you see it as half empty? One looks from the view of an optimist, while the other is a pessimistic viewpoint and attitude.

In the wise word of Winston Churchill, “A Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; and an optimist see the opportunity in every difficulty.”

During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, lives have been turned upside down. We are spinning in new ways and experiencing new words like social distancing and shelter in place. Throughout everything, hope is important to find and latch on to. It may take some intentional effort, but having hope and seeing possibilities ahead and beyond, sets the framework for a positive mindset. Staying in a mental place of seeing hope and possibilities is great for your mental mindset, which has significance in helping to keep you healthy.

Keep your eyes on the road looking forward. There will be hills and
turns throughout the journey, but learn to move with the swaying turns and obstacles in your path and stay on the road. There may be times to shift gears to pass, accelerate or slow down, but keep your eyes looking forward ahead, know where you are headed and your destination. If you do not know where you are headed, you will never know if you have arrived.

Throughout the past months, much has been written about how companies, organizations, and not for profits of all sizes around the country are reacting and responding to COVID-19. What is interesting is that companies, organizations, and not for profits have shown huge diverse ranges
as to how they view where we are and their future. Now is the time to look beyond where we are, to have a vision, and think from a viewpoint of innovation as to how to grow, thrive, and be relevant moving forward. This is not the time to wear blinders, be controlling, have tunnel vision, and silo mentality ways of thinking.

While money is a key component of a business’s success, it’s not everything. During these unchartered times, relationships and building a culture of caring are essential. Now is the time to reach out to clients, customers, colleagues, friends, neighbors, family, and the community and
simply show that you care. Yes, difficult decisions are being made by everyone, but now is the time to show and demonstrate through your words and actions that you care about. Creating, growing, and maintaining connections in all aspects of our life is significant and relevant.

Here are 2 of the greatest things that you can do during these times and 2 of the worst things that you can do.

2 Great Things to Do: Create a Positive Mindset and Discover Ways to Be Happy

2 Worst Things to Do: Hibernate and Freeze

Be the architect of your mindset and attitude. When you allow the power of positivity to flow, you will find greater satisfaction. These are times when many existing leaders stumble and fall and a time when new leaders emerge and shine. When you hibernate and freeze, you are not helping yourself or others around you and are closing everyone and everything out. This rigid approach is a hindrance and helps nothing and no one. By creating a positive mindset and discovering ways to be happy, you are being open, keeping an open mindset, and looking forward.

Relationships are vital keys to success in every industry and all aspects of life. Now is the time and opportunity to forge closer relationships with clients, partners, sponsors, supporters, and the community. Now is the time to build stronger alliances and communication. Now is the time for everyone to think and to be more creative using the word “HOW” and being more flexible with events, situations and relationships.

Your success in life begins with you! It all starts with how you think about who you are, what you are doing, where you have been and the direction you are headed. How you perceive and believe in yourself is up to you. The universe is open with no boundaries. It will bring to you what you wish to attract and believe. When you open your mind up to possibilities and opportunities to grow, you will find that they surround you, but you have to believe in you first.

So what are suggestions to help build your team and Board during these times? They truly are not complicated. Here are five key ways to build communication, connection, and success. These are timeless, will propel you forward now, and be relevant for your tomorrows ahead.

  • Stay Connected – Maintain Open Lines of Communication
  • Create Innovation Mindsets
  • Show Through Your Actions How You Are Helping with Acts of Kindness and Deeds
  • Dedicate Specific Duties – Grow effective teams, and work together
  • Build a Culture of Thanks, Appreciation and Gratitude

Think and build an innovation mindset. If you are at the helm, lead and bring people together. Create open lines of communication through every possible source. These are times when great leaders rise to the top. Great leaders understand how vital open lines of communication are crossing all departments, locations, and roles. They listen first, learn, understand, and then take action. Similarly, there are those who presently hold leading roles, who will sink their ships with struggles of power as they work to overthrow those who can help right the ship. Weathering a storm, let alone a pandemic requires all hands on deck. Those who yell and scream orders put everyone in jeopardy and risk.

When everyone moves forward working seamlessly as a team, overcoming challenges, obstacles, and discovering new solutions, that is creating an innovation mindset. Those organizations and companies that pull together today, will be stronger tomorrow.

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