5 things you can do to feel productive during this pandemic

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner Put Another Way

Stress is everywhere. It is a sad reality for all of us from those who work retail, or Wall Street, it is just difficult right now. After working through 9/11 and the Recession of 2008, I am finding this is an entirely different animal.

How To: Stay Present | EternalLifestyle

So how do we stay present and engaged?

That is the $100,000 question. I speak with small business owners every day. The interaction and face time, albeit over Zoom, keeps my heart and soul alive. People are social beings and we thrive on the hustle and bustle. Streets are quiet, phones are quiet, businesses may be quiet, but here are 5 things we can all do to feel productive.

  1. Keep as much ‘normalcy’ as possible. We all crave consistency. Those ‘sure thing’ moments keep us grounded when life adds a wrench to the works. Keep your schedules and in the absence of a work schedule, make a new home schedule.
  2. Reach out to your coworkers and clients. Whether you are the one still at work, or the person furloughed, engagement is important, and it brings a semblance of normalcy to everyone. Encourage each other as best you can.
  3. How about a project? I know I have completed projects that have lingered for literally years. How many years do I need to save my 2009 tax returns; or how about every Franklin Planner I have used since the year 2000? (No lie). I cleaned out old files, redecorated my home office and invested in candles to set the atmosphere to be relaxing. My Pug Izzy sleeps in her bed next to my desk. Perfection!
  4. Volunteer or donate. We all have a gift, a talent, or a service that we can offer to someone who needs help. Donations do not always need to be in the form of money.
  5. Breathe. Yes, find a way to inhale and exhale. The stress levels are elevated and in New York, we are on pause for another month. It is not easy, and I am not a relaxed kind of gal, but I am trying.

When all else fails….

At Put another Way, we believe in the power of a Zoom meeting with a steaming hot cup of coffee. (OK tea or hot chocolate work too). Reach out, I would be honored to share life in my home office and how we can all get through these upcoming weeks.

Be well.

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