Happiness and Leadership

From the desk of Sharon Burstein, President and CEO, Sharon Burstein International

Are you a happy person? Do you enjoy being happy and being around happy people?

Happiness is a choice. When you are happy and take care of yourself the more joyful life is!

Think and respond to yourself about the questions below.

Are you happy?

What makes you happy?

What makes YOU great!

What makes you successful?

Here is a question for you.

Does success bring happiness or does happiness bring success? What are your thoughts? Happiness brings about greater opportunity and possibility for success.

Did you know that happy people are more successful across the board of  all aspects of life?

Here is your -21 Day Happiness Expansion plan

Think of 3 Things every day that will grow you, your happiness and success.

            1. 3 things you are grateful for

            2. 10 minutes of exercise every day

            3. 1 or more acts of kindness

Your goal –  To build a happy you. When you are happy you build greater success and happier teams in your career and life. Studies show that happy people are more than 33% effective.

Training your brain is like going to the gym to train your muscles. Your mind will do as you think! It is the Law of Attraction.

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