Women In Business Wednesdays: Work-Life Balance

From the desk of Hannah Stenzel of Godfrey Financial Associates, Inc.


It never fails- At every event with a businesswoman in the spotlight, the question is always asked, “How do you maintain a work-life balance?” I find this question so interesting because it acknowledges that careers are the opposite of our personal lives. It acknowledges that women are still frustrated, trying to find an illusory balance between two competing commitments- their lives, and their jobs.

Moving forward, I think employers and businesswomen should rethink the way we frame this problem. Instead of striving for unattainable balance, we can explore what it would look like to have work-life integration.

Brianne Garret, of ForbesWomen, touched on this subject in her article, here. “Professionals in what’s been called the “always-on” work culture—especially women—often find it difficult to achieve work-life equilibrium…Now the idea of “work-life integration” is gaining currency, as more and more people concede the idea of “balance” may just be an unattainable goal,” Garret explains.

As many studies have shown, more women in leadership roles make a company more profitable and sustainable. Companies need to value their women and demonstrate that value to them by creating more inclusive and responsive cultures.

This isn’t something that anyone woman (or person) can do on their own. We do it as a community. We do it by having more women in leadership positions. We do it by listening to each other and lifting each other up. Be a part of this change, join the Women’s Business Council today.

2 thoughts on “Women In Business Wednesdays: Work-Life Balance

  1. I deleted nonessential social media apps from my phone a while ago and i would agree with the authors statement it helps you be more present at home and at work. If you can do it in your role i suggest it. It may take a little longer to share a photo from an event if you have to upload it to a computer later to post, but that will mean you’ll only post the important ones!

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  2. Great point, Katie. I also just deleted some social media, and am readjusting when and where I use it. Our time and presence is precious!


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