How Women Entrepreneurs Are Breaking Free of the Pay Gap (And The Best Cities To Be In)

From the desk of Lauren Axford, Executive Director, Pine Hollow Arboretum

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Did you know that yesterday, November 19th, was “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day”?  Established in 2014 and recognized by 144 nations, this is a day to acknowledge and appreciate the work of women entrepreneurs.  A 2018 study showed that 40% of United States businesses are women-owned, with about half of those businesses being owned by women of color.

There is still a lot of work to be done for full “executive power and representation”, especially worldwide.   However, groups like the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network are helping to boost the success of women-owned businesses by commissioning research aimed at exploring how success relates to “access to capital, technology, talent, culture, and markets”.  These findings will then help inform policy that will continue to encourage the growing momentum for support of women-owned businesses around the world. 

Read the article here.

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