Tee’s Nuggets of Survival Part 3

From the desk of Tee Marie Hanible, U.S. Marine, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, National Speaker – Activist, Co-Star of FOX’S “American Grit” and our 2019 Bold in Business Speaker.

Image result for tee marie image


In the military, teamwork is what drives us in everything we do. It’s not just about wanting to impress your boss or wanting to make yourself look good. It’s about putting your best foot forward because you don’t want to let your team down.  You don’t want the mission to be a failure. Or, you definitely don’t want to ever leave a teammate behind!

Sometimes you may find yourself in the unique position of being the motivation for your team. The fire that your teammates see in you, maybe what ignites the fire in them. Whether you are responsible for the biggest piece of the puzzle or just that one last corner piece that completes the whole thing, every single one of you is a driving force in your team accomplishing its mission.

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