We All Feel the Same-It’s Time to Recharge


Photo by Jorge Flores on Unsplash

Chair Chat by Amanda Goyer, Director of Community Engagement, CAP COM Federal Credit Union

Lately, I feel like everyone around me is sprinting. Running too fast, too furious from point A to B without having time to interpret, analyze, execute and most importantly enjoy. I’m seeing this trend in both my personal and my professional life. I also see that it does not discriminate and is inclusive of all!

This is no surprise, the pace of life has changed and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

I don’t know about you, but this pace has put me in what I would call a “rut” or situation where I feel burnt out. I’ve been sprinting during this marathon for too long! Something has to give, but I truly love all aspects of my life and am not willing to give things up just yet. Instead, I’ll share a few tips that have started to work for me as I readjust and work to pull myself out and up on this journey.

Be Vulnerable, Ask for Help:

This may sound simple, but it’s not if you are not open to help or feel weak asking for it.

What is on your plate at work that you can delegate? Don’t think of it as delegation, think about it as empowering someone else you work closely with. Think about how rewarded they will feel to know they are helping you when you need it most.

What is taking up most of your time at home? Are your bills on auto-pay? Is there a one-pan meal you can make on Sunday night that can carry you through with an extra day or two of dinners? Do you have the budget to hire a professional to clean your house bi-weekly or monthly?

Lift Someone Else Up:

For me, the ability to support, recognize or award someone for what they do and ultimately see their reaction gives me fuel.

This month, I nominated someone for one of the upcoming Albany Business Review Women on the Rise Awards. Just seeing her expression, energy, and shock that I had taken the time out of my schedule to spend it lifting her up, and recognizing what she does reminds me of why I love to do what I do every day which is support and collaborate with others!

Who can you lift up? At work? In your community? At home? It could give you just enough fuel to fill your tank!

Get Closer to Your Passion & Purpose:

When I feel “lost” or without purpose I realize it’s because I’m deterring too far away from what I’m meant to do. What I’m meant to do is help others and give back. That gives me perspective and refocuses my energy on what matters most! I truly have a dream job, but my favorite part of my job has always been interacting on the ground level with the non-profits in our community and volunteering my time to directly impact the clients they serve. With my professional growth has come some detachment from that in my day-to-day activities. Now, other members of my team get to do that day-to-day while I help focus on our strategy. This growth was and is everything I wanted and still want, but I remember now to take the time to get back out, get my hands dirty, and do what truly drives me to be the best I can be! My best is not always at my desk, managing people, networking at events, I love all of that, but if I consume too much of myself in that, I tend to deplete.

The best I am is when I’m in our community, connecting dots, delivering smiles. I’m even better when I’m home, playing monster trucks with my little monsters Roen (3) and Noah (9 months).

What I’ve found is the only person that can recharge your batteries is YOU. Make one change to take care of yourself today and get back on track, and don’t forget, we all feel the same at some point, we are in this together! Mom’s giving each other the knowing nod after another sleepless night, employees running through the hall meeting to meeting, everyone gets it, everyone has been there.

We got this!



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