Five summertime things you can do for your business

Five Things from the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner: Put Another Way LLC

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With the Fourth of July behind us, summer is in full swing. We are planning summer camps for the kids, family vacations and possibly getting a freshman ready for college.

Yes, we are all busy, but summertime can be slow in July and August so why not do something summer-ish before Labor Day?  Here are five suggestions that we hope you like!

Have an ice cream party! – Years ago, I worked for a book manufacturer in Troy, NY. The bindery was hot, and the people back there worked so hard. One day we hired an ice cream truck and we all took 30 minutes reminiscing about Mr. Ding-a-Ling when we were carefree kids. You know what? We were all feeling a little carefree that afternoon!

Hire a summer intern. I know we are mid-summer but there are still students looking for some experience. Small jobs, cleaning up files or doing research- this is a generation of Google kids. Use them!

Donate. You can donate time to a non-profit or a local community cause. Engage your employees and do this together. What better way to build a team than to become a team and work on something worthwhile?

Close early one Friday afternoon. Not all businesses can offer summer hours but few if any of your clients would begrudge you a Friday afternoon off. Your people will love it and it is a simple way to say thank you for all the days and nights of extra effort.

Take your work outside. Again, I understand not all business can work away from a desk but working outside frees the soul! When I was in elementary school, we would take reading hour outside and lay in the grass under those huge maple trees made reading soooo much more fun.

So, think outside of the box, engage your teams, employees, and clients to find ways to enjoy summer. Fall is beautiful too, but we can talk about that later!

Looking for some fun things to do this summer and build your business? Visit the Events page on the Chamber website- .

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