Voices in the Crowd – Managing Your Chaos- (See who was there)

IMG_3248Rebecca Harris, Owner | SHRM-CP Diligent Data Services LLC

“For the Chaos- I wrote down my work life and time management.  I really enjoyed the panelists and the tips about time management really helped me see things from an outside POV. I am at a similar point in my business as Matt albeit not as large of a company where I am training and delegating more work that I have in the past.   Some of the top tips I took away from the event are time blocking more strictly to really divide up my day to get the most amount of productive work done in the most efficient way.”

IMG_3256Hannah Stenzel, Godfrey Financial Associates

“One area of chaos in my life is organization at work. By the end of the day, I have piles of paperwork everywhere. This can lead from me being productive, to me spending time managing this chaos. I walked away with so much practical advice yesterday, but one of the major insights was about teamwork; surrounding yourself with people who compliment your strengths and weaknesses, and developing supportive communication with them. So what am I going to do about my chaos? Talk to my team about it, and create opportunities to grow together!”

IMG_3253Brittany Meegan, Patron Relations Manager, Troy Music Hall

“One of the many interesting (and relieving) things that I learned from the event was that I was not alone in feeling like my ‘chaos’ took control at times but what was most helpful was the responses from the panelists on how to control it from taking over your personal and work life. I was fascinated the panelists asked the question, “Are you productive busy or are you chaotic busy?” because at that point, I hadn’t recognized or was even aware there was a difference. As I started my day today and went over notes from the event, the question made me think twice on how I approach the most stressful of tasks or even how I approach days where I feel like there’s not enough time because there’s so much going on in my life. Self-awareness is a challenge for myself and many other professionals but what I’ve learned is that while I am self-aware, what’s most important is how I react and utilize my resources to push through that chaos.”

IMG_3262Veshma Sanichar, LPN/Owner, No Place Like Home-care, LLC

“This event initially interested me because most days I feel as if I’m getting nothing accomplished even though I’m running around all day long from meeting to meeting with clients. I started making lists at night because that seemed to be when the thoughts of things I needed to get done were clear and I would cross each task off as I completed them. Somehow I ended up feeling more chaotic.At the event, I immediately felt relief when one of the panelists talked about us feeling as if everyone around us is well put together but in actuality, we’re all in the same place. That helped me to understand that this struggle is real and everyone goes through it, it’s what we’re going to do about it that matters. I liked the idea of time blocking, maybe now I can endure I war lunch every day. Someone talked about prioritizing, that will also help me as I find myself running errands in between my appointments then I’m scrambling to get to where I need to be. It also felt great to know that it’s okay to carry tasks over to the next day’s list but that they should go at the top of the list because it is “unfinished business.”Lastly, I appreciated hearing that it is important to wind down at the end of the day, so now I have to find my “glass of wine” since I don’t drink and I’m intimidated by exercise.”

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