Daquetta Jones- Woman of Excellence, Excellence in Business Development

Women of Excellence
Daquetta Jones is a Woman of Excellence at CAP COM headquarters in Colonie, N.Y. (Cindy Schultz for the Times Union)

What is one thing that has inspired you in life that you think might have led you to be named a Women of Excellence?

“It is difficult to select one thing or person as many people and things have contributed to my success. However, some choices and people that have inspired me in my life have led me to be named a Women of Excellence is my career path and work ethics that have helped change 1000’s of people’s life. To have the ability to help others enhance their lives, elevate themselves and see that the service combined with passion creates change for others in itself is inspiring. My son has always been my simple of motivation; inspiration to NOT give up no matter how challenging it may be or become. In addition, having a personal and professional support system, effective and passionate teams and people that believe in me, my purpose, life mission, passion and work ethic, inspires me to keep going! I’m inspired by the women that have elevated themselves and accomplished the impossible despite their plight.

It reminds me of my late grandmother Helen Chresfield words, “You will come against challenges in this world, but that doesn’t give you permission to give up!” Ana Rand once said, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to STOP me!”

Sign up for the 28th annual Women of Excellence luncheon on May 30th here.

For more information:

Email Debbie: derck@capitalregionchamber.com 

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