Sujata Chaudhry – Woman of Excellence, Excellence in the Professions

Women of Excellence
Sujata Chaudhry is a Woman of Excellence (Cindy Schultz for the Times Union).

What is one thing that has inspired you in life that you think might have led you to be named a Women of Excellence?

“Reflecting on the question, I realize there isn’t one thing that has inspired me in life but many experiences that have shaped my passion for my work advancing Diversity and Inclusion within organizations, creating cohesive teams and promoting greater employee engagement.  Born in India, migrating to England then multiple locations in the United States, and growing up as one of three Indian children in rural Pennsylvania began the journey.  As a child of first-generation Indian parents of very humble means struggling to provide for their daughters, I strived to find an identity and a sense of belonging.  This challenge continued in my professional life as I found myself as one of the few ethnic women in my corporate positions.  My personal and professional experiences fueled my drive to want to assist others in similar situations by helping local and national organizations prepare for the challenges of incorporating diverse teams to work together in a collaborative, safe and rewarding environment. My passion and determination are what paved my way to starting Tangible Development, a diversity and inclusion consulting and training company. Tangible Development, my team, and all those that have supported, mentored, and believed in me have been my vehicle for positive change.  The journey and the people have led me to be named Woman of Excellence.”

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Sign up for the 28th annual Women of Excellence luncheon on May 30th here.

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