Voices in the Crowd- Make Your Life an Exclamation

Angela S. Beddoe, President and CEO of Beddoe Publishing and Editor-in Chief of Herlife Magazine-New York, walked the audience through 6 principles of self-leadership in last weeks WBC event.  One of our content writers, Karen Lombardo, spoke to some voices in the crowd to see what their thoughts were on Angela and the principles she spoke about.


Walter Thorne,  Business Development Manager at Advance Media New York

“I fully enjoyed the speaker Angela today. She truly embodies her beliefs. It is evidenced by her accomplishments and more importantly her energy. You can tell she is grounded in truth. When I left today, I asked myself, are you living or existing? Wonderful speaker.”


Sasha Carrington, on the left, Community Support Coordinator for CT Male Associates 

“The speaker was truly blessed in all that she set her mind to (dreamt), put on paper and achieved. One thing that stuck with me is when she would lay her head on her pillow at night she would feel blessed, appreciative and grateful for all she’s done and has. I tend to forget about all the blessings, yet focus on all I could’ve done, could’ve had, which makes for a sleepless night. Going forward I plan on incorporating her method for a more restful and peaceful night.

“Positive energy generates a positive outcome! I’ll choose positive.”

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