5 Things We Love About Winter Living in the Capital Region

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, Owner, Put Another Way, LLC

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This time of year, when memories of boating on Adirondack lakes and poolside cookouts are a distant memory, we need to find solace in our living environment.

I am an Ambassador with the Capital Region Chamber. I have not been doing this long but I have had such fun learning about businesses in this area. I witnessed first-hand how pools are made, and this week stepped on the ice to learn curling, yes curling!

Being an Ambassador, I have welcomed new businesses, shared a few cups of coffee, and spoke of the grace of living here, in the winter. So here are 5 things I love about winter living in the Capital Region.

It is beautiful. Season change is a benefit of northeast living and winter is spectacular. Yes, it can be cold and dark but when it snows and the flakes fall to their own rhythm, it is magic.

There is a lot to do. Really. There is! There are food festivals, craft fairs, hikes in the woods and the Women’s Business Council is full of fun. Check out this one: https://capitalregionchamber.com/events/make-your-life-an-exclamation-not-an-explanation/ Make Your Life an Exclamation! Not an Explanation.

Meeting up with someone you have not seen in a while. Everyone loves a good hot cup of Joe or tea! Reach out to a new business or a friend that maybe you can collaborate with and share some good old tea time!

Trying something new. Specifically, the Women’s Business Council has committees for everyone. It lets you stretch your legs and use your skills to so something great! E-mail Marna Redding or call 518.431.1421 to learn more!

Getting to know your community. Social media has events listed, college games posted, and local traditions available for all. Volunteer with a local charity. Our 2019 adopted nonprofit, The Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York is looking for raffle prices for the luncheon.  Read more and help us out!

So, are you feeling the Capital Region (winter) love? I knew you would.

Have a great day!

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