Resolutions? Maybe Just 5 Things

From the desk of Karen Lombardo, President of  Put Another Way.

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It’s that time of the year when the gym is crowded, the diet food aisle in the supermarket is packed and intentions for change are high. In about 3 weeks, the gym will be back to the regulars, the diet items will be on sale, and so many people are left disappointed and frustrated with resolutions that could not be achieved. Why?

I have thought about this is great detail and found that with small attainable goals, I have been able to sustain these tweaks to my ‘self’ and removed frustration and disappointment.

So, here are 5 things to take as food for thought when making a new year’s resolution:

  1. Let’s start inside. Are you ready to make some changes in your health, work, or social life? Sounds simple but change can be stressful. Answer this question first and then you can fine tune your resolutions.
  2. Do something that makes you feel good. It will have a long-term positive effect on anything else you want to change. Take a yoga class, volunteer at a shelter. We have a great not for profit here at the Women’s Business Council. Come check it out!
  3. Now pick a resolution. Many choose to lose weight this time of year but let’s put a spin on that. How about getting healthy? No numbers and calculations are involved with that. Move more, eat a little less. Broad strokes and small goals.
  4. Be mindful. Ask yourself why you want to make this change. Look at your surroundings and amend them to set yourself up for success. Using your treadmill as a clothes hanger? Hiding those M&M’s in the freezer? (I do this) Start with these and feel a cathartic rush from beginning your journey.
  5. Don’t stress. Experts say it takes 2 weeks of repetition to make a change. If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Just start the clock over. Treat yourself when you ‘win.’ Purchase a heart rate monitor or a new water bottle and celebrate your success.

Resolutions can be fun and rewarding. Just remember, you are competing with yourself and no one else. Do you feel empowered and ready? I knew you would!

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Note: Interested in doing more and learning about how to become more active in your community? Contact Marna at and join a committee for the Women’s Business Council!

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