Chair Chat- Lessons from the Women of Excellence Unplugged

From the desk of Amanda Goyer, Co-Chair of the WBC, Community Relations Manager, Cap Com Federal Credit Union

Have cheerleaders in your corner you can trust.
-Whether it be your Board of Directors or a community of people going through the same thing in their lives.

Walk into every new situation with an open mind and a willingness to learn, don’t come in entitled.

You may be carrying the weight of other people’s dreams on your shoulders…recognize this and be kind to yourself.

Never again. If you’ve gone through an experience that should have never happened or was wrong. Make a commitment to ensure you will do what you can to ensure that happens “never again” to another person.

Have an accountability partner to help you navigate on the path toward your dreams…

Do not shut down the voice of others. The voices need to be all-inclusive. Be not only mindful but intentional when building voices around the table.

LISTEN 90%, TALK 10%….100% of people want recognition.

You need more girlfriends! WBC is a perfect place for just that!

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