Voices in the Crowd – WOE Unplugged

Jen and John

John Mackowiak, Director of Public Relations and Public Affairs, The Martin Group

“It was tremendously valuable to learn from the experiences of the Women of Excellence honorees. Their stories were inspiring, and their advice was actionable. Listening more. Supporting each other. Finding positive people who will have your back, rather than letting negativity hold you back. Grateful to gain such great advice over lunch!

Jennifer Hunold, Senior Brand Manager, The Martin Group

“I found the entire event to be incredibly uplifting, and there was a lot upon which to reflect. Listening 90% and speaking 10% – important for someone as social as myself! I also liked hearing the one thing that gets each one going in her day. Particularly Dr. Hathaway, who shared the joy she finds when someone’s face lights up having learned something new. All of the honorees’ reflections remind me to revisit where I find passion in my life and work, which will ultimately help me better serve others.”



Brooklyn Esposito, Interim Director of Marketing, YWCA-GCR

“Hearing the Women of Excellence speak to their personal and professional struggles was influential as a young professional navigating a career.  It’s a good reminder that when you fall down you pick yourself back up and move forward.”



Shannon Forkin, Partner, Dannible and Mckee, LLP

“All of the Woman of Excellence 2018 recipients had great stories.  What I found particularly motivating was how each woman encountered challenges but that did not prevent them from succeeding in their careers – whether trying to break into an industry that women were fairly new to or finding a support system when others were not so encouraging. My takeaway from the 2018 recipients is that with dedication and the right people in your corner you have the capability to succeed at whatever you put your mind to.”

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