Voices in the Crowd- WOE Event

What inspired you at the Women of Excellence luncheon?

Takara Wiles- Creative Director, Gramercy Communications


I found all of the women to be inspiring. Each woman had her own unique story on how she got to where she is today. They each showed how perseverance, passion and desire will help overcome any obstacle life puts in your way. I left feeling I could take on anything thrown my way, professionally and personally!


Fatin Haddad- Associate, Phillips Lytle

“I was inspired by the passion of each of the women. It was clear that each award recipient was incredibly passionate about the work they were doing. I love that they shared their personal experiences and struggles to show that the road to a successful and meaningful career is not easy but rather filled with challenges, failures and disappointments.  I loved hearing each woman share about how she chose to use those difficult moments in life to fuel her forward instead of hold her back.  I was inspired by how CMSgt Amy Giaquinto described herself as “a person, that happens to be a woman” when she described herself and her role with the NY National Guard, which has broken down barriers for women who choose to serve our country in the armed forces and I will definitely put to use the advice of Nancy Martin who encouraged us all to always add “for now” to the end of our sentences.  She reminded us that whatever setbacks we face in life, they are not permanent and only a season we will face “for now” which can one day be a source of motivation and/or wisdom as we push forward in our careers and personal lives.”

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