As a Member of the WBC…

WBC event
A Past WBC Event

I have only been a member of the WBC for about three years.  When I started my new position three years ago, transitioning from an outside sales job where I traveled the state to a position that is Capital Region focused, I had literally no connections to speak of and no networking resources.

I knew my organization belonged to the Chamber of Commerce but was not sure if I could use our membership.  I did know that I needed to get to know people in the area and I felt like I needed to brush up on certain skills I did not possess or were at least rusty from disuse. So I just started out by signing myself up for events.  I was wondering if someone from my organization would say something to me about using the membership but no, no one did.  I have come to understand that our membership is here for employees to use and in my case, I can bring interns along too.

I have benefitted from volunteering for the WBC Communications Committee by meeting people who are experts in their fields.  I have taken advantage of networking at lunch and networking before 9.  I have taken classes at the Chamber that have been enriching and great for professional development.  I am even thinking about participating in Leadership Tech Valley and recently, a fellow Committee member and I reserved a room at the Chamber to work on a new project for the blog.

There are so many great resources at the Chamber and if your company or organization is a member, you can use the resources too.

Here is a link to a Maximize Your Membership meeting and Leadership Tech Valley.

Please let us know if there are any resources I have missed and that you can suggest by leaving a comment.  

And please don’t forget to sign up for the Women of Excellence event- Thursday, May 31st 

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