Voices in the Crowd: Women Igniting Change

Intention, Gratitude, Navigate, Imagine, Tenacious, Empowered

What will you do to “ignite” 2018 or what was your one takeaway from the event?


Ashleigh, Sales/Marketing Engineer at EcomDrs

One take away is certainly tough to pinpoint because there were so many. However, I think it is so important to take time to yourself each and every morning. Most of us, including myself, are guilty of checking our email when we first wake up. By taking 10 minutes to yourself every morning and jotting down your goals for the day, you really understand the meaning behind your actions for the day. We can all eliminate some of our procrastination, time management issues, etc. by simply making our intentions clear.



Jenifer, me and Eja: Jenifer is the new Marketing and Communications person and Eja works at the front desk of the 2018 ANP, YWCA-CGR

Jenifer:  My takeaway from the I.G.N.I.T.E. 2018 event is the power of words and intention.  By setting intentions each morning and then checking throughout the day if our thoughts, words, and actions are in line with our intentions.

Eja:  I feel empowered!




Taryn, Marketing Associate, Cap Region Chamber of Commerce

I really enjoyed the IGNITE event and thought it was a great program to kick off 2018! Robbin provided so many takeaways that it’s difficult to choose just one. Here are a few that I really connected with and plan to implement this year:

  1. Acknowledge the gifts that surround you/ don’t focus on what’s missing: It’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity that’s happening in the world, so I think the advice to find one thing you are thankful for each day is something easy to do each day to help “re-train your brain.” Whether it’s a piece of chocolate I enjoyed at my desk or meeting a friend for coffee, these are the things I will acknowledge and give thanks for–and document in a journal.


  1. Turn your “hunger” dial-up/imagine what’s possible: I will work this year to document my goals, whether it’s a vision board or a journal. If these words and images are in front of me, it will be easier to take action and then evaluate how I’m doing along the way.


  1. Trust your own voice: We’ve all had times where we wanted to speak up, but didn’t. In 2018, I will work on trusting myself and my voice and having confidence in speaking up for myself and others if I see or hear something I know is not right.


I’m also looking forward to reading the book recommended by Robbin, Positive Intelligence and taking the quiz to discover my top saboteur.


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