WBC Annual Holiday Fundraiser Voices in the Crowd

From the desk of Kate Renna, Development & Marketing Specialist at Whitney Young Health.


Pictured: WBC committee members setting up for the Holiday Fundraiser.

On Tuesday, December 12th, the Capital Region Chamber Women’s Business Council ended the year on a high (and generous) note with their annual Holiday Fundraiser. Thousands of dollars were raised to benefit Whitney Young Health, the WBC’s 2017 Adopted Nonprofit.

As recapped in a previous blog, “A Year in the Life: Women’s Business Council 2017,” 2017 for the WBC was a wonderful year filled with lots of learning, networking and memories shared. Fellow WBC members spoke with their fellow colleagues, asking: What did you enjoy most about the WBC this year?

Carol H

“I love the non-profit they sponsored! Whitney Young Health is a great organization that provides critical services in our community, and I’m so appreciative of what the WBC did for them this year.” – Carol Hausamann, Marvin & Company, Member of the Board of Directors at Whitney Young Health.

Check out some more photos from the Holiday Fundraiser below. Don’t forget! The WBC is starting the year off 2018 with a program with Robbin Jorgensen, called “Ignite: Owning the Power to be You.” Get your tickets here.

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