Whitney Young Unveils New Dental Clinic


From the desk of Kate Renna, Development & Marketing Specialist at Whitney Young Health.

Whitney Young Health is proud to showcase our new Albany Dental Clinic! With 12 operatories, a state of the art x-ray machine and a dental lab, our dental practice can now serve more patients, provide additional services, thus bring more smiles to our community.

The dental clinic is located at 900 Lark Drive (across the street from our Albany Health Center).

This momentous effort would not have been made possible without the support and the generous gifts from incredible individuals and organizations in our community such as, The Touhey Foundation, Hearst Foundations, SEFCU, Jewish Federation of NENY, CFGCR/Arnold Cogswell Health Care Fund, MVP Healthcare and Hugh Johnson Associates.

We also can’t thank the Women’s Business Council enough for their continuous support to not only our organization, but also giving us a voice to show the importance of endeavors like Campaign for Smiles. Campaign for Smiles is our opportunity to raise funds to give our current and future patients a place to receive the dental care they deserve.

If you would like to see the new Albany Dental Clinic in person, we’d love to show it off! Feel free to email me at krenna@wmyhealth.org and we can schedule a tour.

One thought on “Whitney Young Unveils New Dental Clinic

  1. Congratulations to Whitney Young! Serving this need is so important. I remember when your director came to speak to the Women’s Business Council about Whitney Young Health and she told a story about a child losing their life because of an infection of the tooth that could have been simply taken care of if they were able to get dental care.

    This accomplishment and the support of the community members who were part of it is awesome.

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