Sorry not sorry

Thank you GE Women’s Network for inviting Women’s Business Council members to a brown bag lunch with  Robbin Jorgensen, CPCC, PCC, Founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change, a global -purpose driven organization geared toward unleashing the contributions of women around the world. The interactive discussion was held at GE on Wednesday, September 27, 2017. It was a pleasure to meet strong women who find solutions for the world in a male dominated industry.

If you missed this opportunity, there is still an opportunity to learn from Robbin Jorgensen, CPCC, PCC at an upcoming Women’s Business Council program this upcoming January. Expect interaction and inspiring dialogue with like minded women who get to the point and help you become your best advocate. You’ll have unique action steps that you can start practicing right away.  Here’s mine:

  1. Listen to my sage voice.
  2. See challenges as potential for growth.
  3. Ask for focused feedback.
Robbin Jorgensen.jpg
left to right: Rebecca Whalen, Capital Roots; Kathleen Lincoln, GE Power; Robbin Jorgensen, Women Igniting Change; Leslie Foster, Siena Research Institute; and Sarah Boink, Special Olympics New York

One thought on “Sorry not sorry

  1. Robbin’s energy and ability to lead you through introspective and interactive exercises that really ask you to think about personal attributes and how to develop them with action steps was invigorating. I felt like I walked away with some great tools.

    I highly encourage both men and women to go to the event in January. Hearing Robbin speak is like a career coaching session that helps you refocus on the strengths you already have as an individual and also compels you to determine your plan for personal and career growth. #actionsteps


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