2017 Women of Excellence in Business Development Honoree Retires.

Just before she moved to Florida, I spoke with Suzann Smart, Executive Director, The Foundation for Ellis Medicine and the honoree for Excellence in Business Development for the Women of Excellence Awards 2017.
I asked her to give our members a few words of parting wisdom.
“If you want to remain excited and engaged with your work, try to learn something new every day.  Whether it’s about your field, a new way to be more effective using technology, something from a colleague or an article you read.  The changes happening around us are amazing. It can be energizing, but you have to remain engaged every day in learning and welcoming new ways of doing the profession you have chosen.
And it’s important to remember, if you don’t like your work, your boss, your employer, find another job. There are lots of exciting opportunities out there.
As for work habits:
Show Up.
Don’t keep people waiting.
Keep smiling.
Make your boss look good.
Don’t make the same mistake twice.
Answer emails and return phone calls.
Laugh and share the joy.
I want to thank the Chamber and my wonderful colleagues for this recognition. It has been a tremendous honor and I am grateful for the privilege of being named a Woman of Excellence.”
To see the five other honorees discuss what inspires them, come to the Women of Excellence Unplugged, hosted by Benita Zahn of NewsChannel 13, on September 19, sign up here.

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