Success is a Mindset

Attitude is everything. We’ve all heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it” and “perception is reality”. Sometimes having confidence in ourselves is the biggest obstacle we have in achieving either professional or personal success.

I’ve always been a strong believer in the book called The Secret. It details the connection between the law of attraction and positivity. I’ve recited my positive mantras, sent them out into the universe, and created more than my fair share of vision boards to help me accomplish my goals in life. I remember almost 5 years ago when I was at the point in my career when I was ready for the next step, the new challenge, and I put out into the universe that I wanted to be an Executive Director of a non-profit organization that I was passionate about. I stumbled across the job posting for Executive Director of Girls Inc, mission statement – to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. The universe had listened and sent me what I asked for. But I almost didn’t apply. I was counting myself out, like we all too often do. I was 30 years old (who would hire a 30 year old to run a non-profit?!) and I had never been an Executive Director before. My attitude was not confident, and was certainly not going to “sell me” to get the job. My stepdad asked me if I had done most of the responsibilities listed in the job description and if I thought I could do the job. Of course I said, “yes”, so he said, “then apply for the job. Every Executive Director has to be an Executive Director for the first time at one point in their lives”.

My mindset shifted and my confidence grew. I didn’t focus on what I didn’t know 100%, but on my strengths. It just so happened that my strengths were exactly what the organization needed, and the other things could be learned. Having a clear plan in place for how to achieve goals was the second step in not only obtaining my dream job, but now continuing the success in the organization. Regardless if you are in for-profit or non-profit work, you need to have a sound plan. Goals should not be random numbers that could just set you and your team up for failure. Furthermore, you should surround yourself with a team that has the strengths and skills that you may not have. Too often people focus on their weaknesses vs. their strengths, instead of surrounding themselves with people who have those areas as their strengths.

When you put all of this together, a confident attitude, behavior that is systematic and intentional, and techniques that include your strengths and skill set, the possibilities are endless. I found this quote in an article written by James Alberson that sums it up perfectly, “The goals become your destination, your plans the road map, and your daily activities is the car that gets you there. So where do you want to end up?”


3 thoughts on “Success is a Mindset

  1. What an amazing article and something we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time. When the imposter syndrome sets in, it is so great to hear a leader like you talk about how you feel it , but push through it instead of letting it hold you back.


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