Voices in the Crowd- Evolution of Women in Business- Advice from the Moderator and Panelists



Alissa M. Quinn- Moderator
Senior Vice President – Wealth Management
The Quinn Wealth Management Group at UBS Financial Services 

“My favorite question that the panel answered was how they balanced activism/feminism in helping create social equity. They shared how they have ‘earned the right to be at the table,’ and now ‘make sure their voices are heard,’ promoting equity for all.  The panelists stressed the importance of being good listeners and skillful negotiators, knowing your worth and not being afraid to ask for what you deserve.  Some pieces of advice that stood out most to me were ‘follow your passion,’ and ‘find something you love to do and do it!’ The panel suggested, don’t be afraid to try new roles, utilize your strengths, talents, and skills & continue professional training to make yourself more valuable.”

“The most important advice I would give to women in business is to set goals for yourself, write them down, have a plan, work hard, have the highest level of integrity, surround yourself with like-minded professionals, focus on your family and friends, stay connected, take care of yourself, give back to the community, have gratitude, be willing to ask for help, mentor others, and most of all, be your ‘authentic self.'”

“I have always lived by the motto, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’  I believe in developing personal and professional relationships, one at a time, and cherishing those relationships over time.  On our business team, our role is to learn how we can best help others actively plan for their entire lives.  What helps our team succeed is spending quality time understanding our clients’ concerns, hopes and dreams and partnering with them to develop customized plans to help them achieve their goals and objectives.”


The Panelists:

Paula Stopera – President & CEO of CAP COM Federal Credit Union

“‘Success doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.’  This statement should be very thought provoking for all of us.  How do we define success and how do we achieve it?”

“The simple truth is that success does need to be defined for you to realize what it will mean to you.  There will be times when success may be starting a family while continuing your career.  It may be working towards a specific promotion.  Or it may be finding more time to spend with loved ones.  All of this requires one of the most important skills in your life and that is planning.  Nothing will happen without a well thought out plan.

“Be careful of allowing fear to cloud your path.  When you are facing fear in moving forward with your goals, list on a piece of paper the pros and cons of the decision or choice you are trying to make.  Many times the fears we terrorize ourselves with are self-imposed.  Think about that for a minute.  Setting realistic outcomes and time frames are also critical.  Planning for career and personal success is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success.  I wish you luck!”

“Find an organization that you have an interest and a passion for and get involved.  Learn about what they do in our communities and find one that will allow you to contribute to meaningful change.  This will help you to learn what is really of importance in your life and allow you to grow as a professional.  People that are passionate get noticed.  Don’t get involved in just anything and spread yourself too thin for a resume builder.  Find programs or organizations that allow for real and meaningful change and then get involved with your body, mind, and spirit.  This will help you to find a real and meaningful career!”

Marcia White – Former President and Executive Director of SPAC

“Learn when to jump in, and when to jump out. Learn to say ‘no’ more often, so you can be present in the moment as often as possible.”

“Don’t take negotiations personally. Focus on the goal, and be willing to be the last person standing. But if you want to be the only winner, you’re not going to win.”

“Have the courage to decide whether or not your current professional situation is something you want to do. If you’re not in a position you’re passionate about, you shouldn’t be there. Life is too short.”

“Realize your strengths. Find out who you are. Develop your own leadership style. You are not like anyone else.”

Joanne Kugler – Senior Executive, Global Operations and Integration at GE

“My career in IT helped me get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This really served me in both my professional and personal lives, because it helped me understand what I love, and what I don’t. So get comfortable with being uncomfortable: know what you love to do, and also know what you don’t love to do.”

“Influence a decision that you can walk out of there and support. The decision that prevails isn’t always going to be the decision you absolutely want.”

“When you’re feeling like you’re in survival mode, step back, think, and talk about what’s really important to you. Take a time out, make a list, and study where you’re spending your time.”

“Early in my career at GE, I thought I had to wear a tie to work because that’s what everyone else did. In a way, we all have ‘ties’ we think we need to wear in our professional lives. But that can be so limiting. Never stop growing your skills, your network, or your experiences. If you do that, then by default, you’re going to grow your courage. Don’t be afraid to ‘take your tie off.’”






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