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Woman Up! Overcome the 7 Deadly Sins that Sabotage Your Success

Do you have the Kindness conundrum?  or the Affirmation addiction?

Author Aimee Cohen gave a lively and humorous presentation about what she terms as the “7 Deadly Sins.”  I spoke with one voice in the crowd who had a few great takeaways from the event that was held on October 28th at the Glen Sanders Mansion.

See if you agree with Ariana.

Ariana Wilson.jpg

Ariana Wilson -Media Communications Specialist, Colonie Senior Services Center, Inc.

“I would say that on any given day I can relate to the struggles that Aimee talked about in her presentation. I continuously, and consciously, need to remind myself to be the woman that doesn’t say, “I’m sorry” for circumstances I absolutely do not need to apologize for or let negative criticism be the only thing I hear about myself. I actually went back to work after the presentation and made sure I said, “thank you” to every compliment given to me instead of coming up with explanations as to why I received the compliment or passing the credit to somebody else. At the end of the work day, I felt like I had accomplished way more than if I had brushed off my own successes.  I also started a brag book in the form of a blog, as Aimee suggested doing.  Aside from keeping track of my successes, I think that this will eventually end up being a great way for me to blow off steam and take a step back and actually see the great things that I have accomplished!

As a young professional, it was inspiring to hear what Aimee had gone through early in her career as well.  It gives me hope and also inspires me to find something that I truly have a passion for. I couldn’t thank her enough for her wise words!”


Attendees received a free Woman Up! book.  If you did not attend, you can go to Aimee’s website to sign up for a free E-book.


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