6 Reasons To Attend Bold In Business

Have you ever attended an event that was so powerful it made you immediately want to save the date for the following year in your calendar? If not, maybe you have never been to our signature event Bold In Business, an annual forum sponsored by the Women’s Business Council. This year the event is going to be held on October 28 at the Glen Sanders. The event begins at 8 a.m. and will make your neurons fire so much you’ll be ready to blaze back to work as a new person by 9:30 when the forum ends.

Before you start reading about our 2016 speaker Aimee Cohen and her book Woman Up, check out our list of six reasons you won’t want to miss the 2016 Bold In Business (or any future BIBs for that matter!) and believe me when I tell you this, the first question you’ll ask when the forum ends will be “When is next year’s date!?”

  1. National talent right here to the 518

Often times the authors brought in are writing about their experiences working for recognizable companies or have written for or been touted by big name publications. That’s huge for Albany! Why does bringing a nationally recognized author to upstate NY women matter? Because you can learn about trends in business you may not have ever heard about otherwise.

  1. Not Your Average Forum

The microphone really does go both ways. How often do you get a chance to have an interactive conversation with a trendsetter in women’s business topics? Look no further than BIB to speak up and talk about real issues in a true forum setting.

  1. Leave Feeling Motivated, And Supported By Your Peers

Year in and year out, the Bold In Business event draws in women who genuinely want to support other women’s professional growth. Of course the event is open to men as well, but specifically at BIB, the speakers provide audience members with ammunition to go back to your professional and personal lives with a purpose.

  1. If Nice Guys Always Finish Last Then Where Do The “Too Nice” Gals Wind Up?

At Bold In Business, women are encouraged to break the mold of being too nice by being challenged to be bold. Too often being “too nice” gets you on the slow track for upward movement and the speakers BIB brings in can give it to you straight.

  1. The “B” Word You Want To Be Known As Is…

Bold! Yes, bold is the other “b” word that more and more professional women are recognized as being in order to be taken seriously. This year’s speaker will specifically talk to the benefits of being bold by battling social norms and corporate barriers.

  1. Leave With Your Homework Assignment

While there isn’t a pop quiz given out at the end of the Bold In Business, you will receive a copy of the speaker’s book. Your homework assignment is easy to follow if you were inspired by what you just heard. Go home and read the book!

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