What I “C” in the WBC

From the Desk of Amanda Goyer, Foundation & Public Relations Administrator
CAP COM Federal Credit Union

As a mom and a woman in business, I know how hard it can be to find the right work-life balance. The Women’s Business Council is an affiliation with which I find value on both personal and professional levels. Here’s what I “C” as the valuable reasons to join this group of amazing women.

Connections: Most women find the connections formed at a Women’s Business Council event to be both professionally and personally uplifting. Networking is a key asset of each of our nine programs throughout the year. The council’s main objective is to get you connected with the right people to help you reach your goals.

WB“C” Moment: “To be in the room and have the opportunity to meet the amazingly supportive business women from the Capital Region. I have been attending regularly for the past three years and have built a support group that I can call on at any time for assistance, advice or fun,” said Jacqueline Sheffer, Financial Advisor at The Wagner Sheffer Group.

Content: The WBC provides educational information about hot topics in the business world. Programs members found memorable included C-Secrets from the C-Suite, where powerful women unveiled their trade secrets and the Women of Excellence event, honoring women in our Capital Region who are paving the way for business leaders of tomorrow. The WBC aims to inspire, empower and reinvigorate women (and men, too) so we can continue to climb the ladder together.Men are welcome to join us; we are all inclusive and hope to provide insight into how women in business think, relate and prosper, so we can work together to make a bigger impact.

WB“C” Moment: “I find the WBC programs and speakers are always relevant, interesting and inspiring.  Never do I leave a program without a take-away.  It might be an idea I want to implement in my personal or professional life, discovering the next must-read book for women or simply feeling connected to a room full of amazing and accomplished women,” said Nikki Caruso, MSW, Executive Director at the Colonie Youth Center, Inc.

Community: Perhaps the cherry on top of the WBC experience, is the annual adoption of a community organization to support. Whether it’s raising funds at our programs or digging in the dirt on the weekends, WBC members support the mission of the adopted nonprofit to bring awareness, funding support and volunteer efforts to life for these amazing pillars of inspiration and goodwill in our community.

WB“C” Moment: “Knowing that the WBC enables us to make it easy to support nonprofits in our community is an added benefit to being in attendance at these programs throughout the year,” said Diana VanAmerongen, Chief Banking Officer, CAP COM Federal Credit Union.

I hope you will come and be a part of this powerful circle of women – “C” what the WBC is all about! Stop by our next program, Women of Excellence Unplugged, on September 20 and join us at our upcoming Membertini this October where new members will mix and mingle (we will leave the “Tini” part up to you)! To learn more about the WBC or register for an upcoming event I encourage you to visit the Capital Region Chamber website.

Hope to “C” you soon!

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