Food for thought: How do you end your emails?

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Have you given much thought to the way you end your emails? If not, you may want to check out these 57 Ways To Sign Off On An Email by Susan Adams, Forbes Staff. At the least, it will make you reflect on your own practices.  At best, Adams’ four key rules may save you from a future email faux pas.

What’s your favorite sign off?  I believe I might add the exclamation point too often in my overused sign-off: Thanks!  (A choice not favored by the author, by the way.) Share your best sign offs in the comments, and help your fellow readers find their (WBC) voice!

5 thoughts on “Food for thought: How do you end your emails?

    1. Sarah,

      I think Sincerely is professional and a solid stand-by for a closing. My emails have definitely morphed as we communicate via electronic device as opposed to the phone. I find myself trying to emote through language and punctuation, which I am giving critical thought to, now.

      Thank you, (minus the exclamation point)

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    1. Margot, that is perfect. Your organization really does provide “Best Wishes” for the children you serve.


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