What’s energizing you this Spring?

Screen-Shot-2015-12-10-at-6.00.03-PMHappy Spring!  Even though this past winter was relatively mild, spring couldn’t come soon enough for me.  Blooming shrubs, chirping birds and extra daylight to run after work are just a few of the things that energize me this time of year.  Every spring, I get excited to take on new projects and eagerly start my “to do” list.  It doesn’t take long for my post-it notes to resemble the cover of Brigid Schulte’s Overwhelmed book, which is ironic because one of my “action items” is to finish the last few chapters of this great book (preferably before May 10th when the WBC will be discussing it during a brown bag lunch.

For those who missed Brigid Schulte at the WBC Bold in Business Forum, I encourage you to check out the resources on her website: http://www.brigidschulte.com.  I particularly enjoyed her New America Weekly article in which she writes,

“It’s time to Get Real. Time to break these so-called ‘work-life’ issues out of the Mommy Zone and into the Mainstream where they’ve always belonged.”

It’s encouraging to see progress towards “mainstreaming” these issues in the Capital Region.  In March, the WBC partnered with the Times Union’s Women@Work to sponsor a panel discussion about “The Blind Spot” research conducted by Siena College Research Institute.  I was glad to see both men and women in attendance at the event and that Ed Mitzen, president of Fingerpaint, joined Ruth Mahoney, market president at KeyBank, on the panel.

I look forward to continuing the conversation and hope to see you at future WBC events.  For more information, subscribe to this WBC Voice blog and visit the WBC page on the Chamber’s website.

2 thoughts on “What’s energizing you this Spring?

  1. I love that the WBC is offering a brown bag lunch for deeper discussion on the topic Brigid Schulte discussed about work life balance at Bold In Business. I could have listened to her all day.

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