Perspective from a Capital Roots Intern

Looking for someone to help out around your office and bring new, invigorated energy and ideas to your company or organization? Bringing in an intern might be the solution.

Capital Roots has a fantastic internship program. Here, Liza Morgan, Capital Roots’ Communications Intern, talks about her excellent internship experience. Read on and see if you can implement some of Capital Roots’ best practices at your own company or organization.

For more information on Capital Roots’ Internship program, visit:


Finding an internship that believes in everything I do in regards to the community, health and food seemed impossible. Yet, I remember reading about Capital Roots in The Coop Scoop (Winter 2015), eventually finding myself wandering on their website (, and coming across opportunities to get involved. Within the next two months, I was sharing office space with Rebecca Whalen, Capital Roots’ PR and Marketing Coordinator, and learning the ins and outs of the organization. With a major in Communications and a minor in Business at SUNY Albany, my interests and skills were finally piecing together and now put to the test as a Capital Roots intern.

To be able to see this organization in action here at the Urban Grow Center, whether it’s with the Virtual Veggie Mobile®, Community Gardens or Squash Hunger, has been inspiring and informative to say the least. I specifically admire the Taste Good Series, a program designed to teach our young ones in the community (grades pre-k through second) that healthy food tastes great. Nurturing the bodies of young kids with education programs and healthy food is only the beginning to the empowerment and growth of developing a wholesome community. Capital Roots’ educator travels to inner-city classrooms throughout the Capital Region engaging with kids about fresh food during a six-week series. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to tag along and document one of these important lessons with my camera.

Education is the key to success in helping our community access fresh food and understand its importance. But it’s just one piece of what Capital Roots does to aid its neighbors. To learn more about the nine distinct programs, or to find out how to get involved on many levels, be it internships, volunteering, or sponsoring an event, head to

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