Voices in the Crowd: C-Secrets from the C-Level

On Tuesday, April 12, the Women’s Business Council hosted an armchair conversation with three powerful and influential women sharing their “c-secrets” from the C-level. Thanks to Denise Gonick, president & CEO of MVP Health Care, Audrey Zibelman, commissioner of the New York State Public Service Commission, and Dr. Nancy Zimpher, chancellor of the State University of New York, for sharing their insights with us. Here’s what our Voices in the Crowd had to say about the program:

What did Denise Gonick, Audrey Zibelman, and Dr. Nancy Zimpher say today that will stay with you?

“One of the top takeaways for me today was ‘You have to bring your authentic self.’ I’m going to take that statement to heart as I lead my organization forward.”

-Ashley Jeffrey Bouck, Girls Inc.

VITC-4 (2)
Natasha Pernicka of The Food Pantries and Meredith Chimento of United Way of the Greater Capital Region

“I really loved Denise’s comment about ‘You don’t have to master something before you put yourself out there.’ It really resonated with me and reminded me of my father’s advice to go for it when I wasn’t 100% sure I could do it.”

-Meredith Chimento, United Way of the Greater Capital Region

“I came to today’s event looking for inspiration and camaraderie. The speakers definitely inspired me and gave me confidence to reach out to people that I wouldn’t necessarily think of as a natural resource.”

-Natasha Pernicka, The Food Pantries

Kelly Klopfer of ENVISION Architects

“Today’s panel was very dynamic. I walked away feeling really motivated and energetic, especially having been surrounded by this amazing group of women who spark change. Hearing these successful women leaders talk about putting the right team in place, how to manage people appropriately, and empowering the growth and development of women in the workplace, are all topics that I think about constantly – and specifically how to deliver results effectively.”

-Kelly Klopfer, ENVISION Architects

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