Voices in the Crowd: Blindsided by the Blind Spot

On Tuesday, March 15, the Women’s Business Council joined forces with the Times Union’s Women@Work for a panel discussion about “The Blind Spot”. This interesting and informative study sparked great discussion about the ways in which CEOs’ perceptions of gender issues in the workplace differ from those of working women, and explored some possible reasons why this might be. Many working women – and some men, too! – were there.  Here’s what our Voices in the Crowd had to say about the experience:

Sandy Dedrick and Jerilee Beaudoin, Pioneer Bank

“I found the event extremely interesting and very relevant to today’s business women.  The presenters were refreshingly candid while providing valuable insight to those in attendance – great event!”

-Sandy Dedrick, Pioneer Bank

“I was a bit surprised at how significant the gap in perception is between male CEOs and the general public, and women in particular, especially in the areas of women in senior management, equality in compensation and the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace.  We’ve come a long way, but there’s still more work to be done.”

-Jerilee Beaudoin, Pioneer Bank

Alan Baker, Creative Marketing Concepts

“I came here today because I like to hear the opinions of all types of business people and owners. I want to understand what obstacles still exist with gender, race, and age in the workplace, and especially the working women’s perspectives, since I do business with marketing directors who are in a large part female.”

-Alan Baker, Creative Marketing Concepts

Sonya Young, Key Bank



“The presentation was well put together and addressed issues that many women face in the workplace yet may not openly discuss. Opening the discussion with statistics behind the issues provided additional relevancy to the topic. This also provided a solid framework for the panel to provide greater insight and personal experiences that many people were able to relate to. Women have made great strides in the workplace and by continuing to have an open dialogue about such challenges it provides the opportunity to make changes.”

-Sonya Young, Key Bank

Don’t miss the next WBC program – C-Secrets from the C-Level – on Tuesday, April 12. Click here to learn more and register!


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