How to make your holidays…happy

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, today’s Women in Business Wednesday blog post takes a closer look at holiday stress.

.Holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who take charge of many of the holiday celebrations, particularly the tasks related to preparing meals and decorating the home. Women are more likely than men to report an increase of stress during the holiday season.” (2006 study on holiday stress factors)

The leading stress factors of the end=-of-year holiday period include money, time and commercialism. To enjoy the season with minimal stress, women can take specific steps in these areas for a more peaceful and harmonious feast. This blog talked about money last week, but what to do if the ubiquitous jingling and caroling is beginning to wear you down?

Christine Carter has some helpful advice in “How to Say No (Nicely) to Holiday Stress.”

Snow man

The Women in Business Wednesday blog caught up with Albany-based clinical psychologist and transformational leadership coach, Louise Finlayson, Ph.D. to ask for advice on the holiday blues.

“Practice gratitude.  It can be easy for us to focus on what we feel we don’t have, while we live in abundance,” Dr. Finlayson says.

Finlayson’s specific advice for reducing holiday stress and enjoying the holidays more was this:

  • Look at your to-do list.  Commit to doing only things on it that you can do with love and joy in your heart.  Cross out anything on the list that you will do with resentment or negatively.
  • If you are feeling down, be of service to someone in need.  Perhaps spend time with an elderly person who doesn’t have family nearby, or help a struggling single mom by offering to babysit or giving her a ride.
  • Perform random acts of kindness with love in your heart.  Giving feels good, especially when it isn’t attached to any expectation of getting.  Look for opportunities to be kind for no reason.  Some examples include: put money in someone’s expired parking meter, anonymously give a stranger a gift, shovel someone’s driveway, put an inspirational note on someone’s windshield.

Here is to you, with best wishes to you and yours for enjoyable holidays!


One thought on “How to make your holidays…happy

  1. Dorothee, Thank you for posting Dr. Finlayson’s suggestions. For me, focusing on her words will help to keep my blood pressure in check 🙂 and to remember what is important during this time of year, and for that matter, truly, what is important throughout the year. Her words are words to live by…


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