Voices in the Crowd: Bernadette B. Fuller

fullerphotoCapital Region Chamber is a community with an even broad scope making the Women’s Business Council stronger than ever. We have the ability to work and grow together and with a greater voice to advance our region. This month’s Voices in the Crowd comes from one of our members, Bernadette B. Fuller, who is the Principal Agent and Owner of The Bradley Agency. She was born and grew up in Philadelphia and this is where she began her career in insurance. She Obtained her Chartered Property Casualty Underwriting Designation (CPCU) and worked for national insurance carriers before she relocated to the region after her husband was offered a job and where she ultimately settled into her career with The Bradley Insurance Agency.

Why is the WBC important to you?
The WBC is important to me because it offers a platform to networking with experienced women in business, provides opportunities to women new to the business community, offers useful programs of interest, referrals and ultimately leads to meeting new partners in business.

What is your favorite place to visit (restaurant, park, historic site, museum) in the Capital Region and why?
There are so many beautiful places in the Capital Region that I appreciate and enjoy.  If I had to pick one place it would be the New York State Museum.  I enjoy it for many reasons.  One of which is it speaks to so many segments of the community through art, science and history.  I find its exhibits diverse and educational.  It is a venue that lends itself to so many different organizations.  In my opinion it is truly a “place for the people”.  Whenever I go there, whether it is a function I am attending or to browse the exhibits, I come away learning something new.

What value do you think the WBC would have on a women who is just beginning their professional career?
WBC opens up doors of opportunity, develops professional relationships and helps to establish a “Circle of Influence”. The Women’s Business Council broadens the scope for personal relationships, and establishes opportunities to be a mentor or be mentored.  There is an exchange of ideas, opportunities to network, ability to obtain referrals, learn about business resources and gain exposure in the business community. I also find being involved broadens my knowledge of the marketplace.

What value do you think the WBC would have on a seasoned professional?Besides all of the benefits of being involved with WBC for all women who are members of the Capital District Chamber of Commerce, seasoned professionals can learn about new talent and new ideas in the business community.

Why are you mostly excited about the Capital Region Chamber’s new regional approach?
In this economic climate I believe conserving resources, i.e. money, talent, etc. and using them judiciously is key to long term success.  I wondered for a long time why there seemed to be multiple chamber organizations that shared similar goals and was in close physical proximity.  Many of the same businesses belonged to multiple Chambers.  The regional approach makes good economic sense in my opinion.  It gives our region a stronger voice on many levels.  I believe this approach is good for many businesses and the community at large.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?
I have been in the Capital District business community for 17 years.  Diversity has been a topic of discussion but the movement has been slow.  Diversity in the business community is still lagging especially at the management levels. As the Capital Region continues to grow and evolve diversity becomes more important.  From a business standpoint there are many reasons and benefits to keep the focus on diversity.

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