What statistics say about women?

There are some surprising statistics about women floating around the internet these days. Take the ones Sheryl Sandberg uncovered during research for her book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.”  sheryl

Among the stats include:

– 21 of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women.
–  Congress is 18% female.
– Women are paid $0.77 for every dollar men make.

And, here are a few I found more disturbing:

– Girls perform worse on tests when they have to check off M or F before taking it.
– Men attribute their success to innate qualities and skills. Women attribute their success to luck and help from others.
– When men fail, they say it’s because they weren’t interested. Women blame their lack of ability.

Interested in more mind blowing stats presented by Sheryl Sandberg?

rosieIt appears that women aspire to be less and are less confident. And yet I have met some of the most amazing, confident women at the WBC. Take for example the women I spoke with at the Membertini in June held at Lord & Taylor. There were women leading their own companies and who represented diverse professions including architecture, engineering, financial planning, language translation, cultural education, fashion, hospitality, accounting, law, and medicine. It’s not that I doubt the statistics are accurate, my point is to emphasize what we can do to change them. I also met people from Girl’s Inc. and the YWCA at the Membertini. These organizations are helping to inspire and build confidence in young women which is clearly important to change these statistics. I find the WBC to be full of supportive and uplifting women. I am very proud that we are an organization of women who can continue to change these statistics one woman, one girl at a time. The statistics do not define us. Our actions do.

See you at our next event “WOE Unplugged” to hear the back story of confident, aspiring women. Register here for the September 15 event.

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