Voices in the Crowd: WBC Member-Tini

Thank you to all of the fabulous women who came out to our WBC Member-Tini this month at Lord & Taylor! It was a wonderful evening of fashion, food and fun, and we picked up some great tips about networking in style from our “voices in the crowd”…

Toni & Lisa
Toni Lebron, Sunmark Federal Credit Union and Lisa Steagall-Thurman, United Way of the Greater Capital Region

What do you get out of your WBC membership?
“This is my first event, so I’m looking to do some networking and find out if [my company] can be of assistance in any way.”
Toni: “I always look forward to [WBC events] because you meet a lot of new people. You also see people you’ve met in the past, and you get to know that you’re supporting women growing in their career.”

How would you describe your professional style?
Toni: “I would say usually I’m a little bit busy, but classic, if that’s possible.”
Lisa: “Professional and chic!”

Cheryl Richardson, Mary Kay
Cheryl Richardson, Mary Kay

How do you think women can benefit from being a part of the WBC?
Cheryl: “Networking is a big thing, but also all of the programming. I just think it’s a great group of top-notch women.”

How would you describe your professional style?
Cheryl: “Businesslike and professional.”

Meaghan Murphy, Lavelle & Finn & Yalitza Negron, Capital District YMCA
Meaghan Murphy, Lavelle & Finn and Yalitza Negron, Capital District YMCA

What interests you most about the WBC?
Yalitza: “I think what’s great is being able to surround ourselves with other amazing women of all ages and backgrounds and experiences that can really help build a network. We can all help each other out in some way, shape or form.”
Meaghan: “I love the forced interaction, because it makes it a little bit easier to break the ice and meet some fabulous ladies.”

How are you considering changing up your personal style after tonight?
Meaghan: “I’m convinced that I need a black sheath…Blair convinced me!”
Yalitza: “I think for me, it’s definitely about finding the right fit […] as I’m starting to get more and more into my field.”

Blair Brodar, Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant
Blair Brodar, Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant

What’s one of your favorite tips to share with the women you style?
I really emphasize the three “F”s: fit, feel and function. First, you want to make sure a piece fits you well and that it’s truly tailored to your body type. If it doesn’t fit your body, then it’s just not right for you. For function, always make sure that whatever you’re purchasing functions well both in your wardrobe and for your lifestyle. And finally, feel…make sure not only that the material feels good on you, but that you feel really beautiful in it. Whenever you go out shopping, just make sure you keep those three “F”s in mind!”

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