Voices In The Crowd


“I am here to celebrate all of the women being honored today, but especially Denise Gonick, our leader at MVP, who we are very proud of.” – Sarah Wiseman, MVP Health Care


“I came to the event today as a representative of the Girl Scouts and brought along some of the girls to help them see what kind of inspiring women we have in our area.” – Courtney Moore, Secretary, Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York


“I come to the Women of Excellence event every year because it’s motivational and it supports the women in our community.” – Nancy Gonzalez, MicroKnowledge, Inc.


What brings you here today?
“I’m so inspired by the winners. Last year I was nominated and I didn’t win but I love sitting in a room with the most amazing women.”

Maybe you’ll win next year.
“I know if I keep rubbing arms with some of the most interesting women it’ll happen. I just want to keep learning. I don’t want to miss a thing.” — Desiree Kelleigh, Alliance Worldwide Investment Group, Inc. 


What brings you here today?
“This is one of the first events I came to many years ago. I was actually part of the committee at one point for the Women of Excellence, so it’s one of my favorite things.”

Have you ever won?
“I have not won. They don’t have a category for ‘goddess.'” — Debby Goedeke, Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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