Women of Excellence: Miriam Dushane and Denise Gonick

Every week leading up to our Women of Excellence luncheon on May 28, we’ll be featuring one or two of our Women of Excellence winners. (You can read the full interviews with each of the winners here.)

Congratulations to our winners! And don’t forget to register for the luncheon!

Miriam Dushane. (Colleen Ingerto photo)

Miriam Dushane, Linium Staffing
excellence in management (1-99)

“I get the opportunity to learn about other companies and other businesses in the Capital Region. I have uncovered and become associated with organizations I never in my wildest dreams even knew existed. I’ve met so many fascinating and interesting people.”

Denise Gonick. (Colleen Ingerto photo)

 Denise Gonick, MVP Health Care
excellence in management (100+)

“You have to stay curious. There’s always more to learn. Be true to your own self and the unique talents that you bring. Sometimes we have ideas about what success is supposed to look like and that can trip us up. And be willing to take some risks. I think you learn a lot by the things that don’t go your way.”


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